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Voiced by Amazon Polly

The darkness that is within us all must be nourished and set free before the time comes when it will be extinguished. Withought the darkness that we each carry, we are but weak vessles in this a universe with stronger individuals.

Only the strong survive, and if you intend to live within these worlds I hope you can fight and fight well. If you are lucky enough to have the Force at your side… use it.

There are those that say the dark side of the force is not the correct way. I can only dissagree. I was born into a world where there was nothing but the dark side, and that is how I have chosen to live. If you dissagree, then I can only pity you.

The Universe is but a code of systemetic graphs and numbers in which you can unlock codes. To unlock these codes is to know the secrets of life and death. If the dark side of the Force has already succeeded in living beyong normal length, and destroying thousands of Jedi, who do you think shall succeed later?