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This is the dark version of the previous lesson, but it is not a pure dark technique. It is used when the jedi needs to be alert and able to sense things in a more focused way then the general impressions given by the first lesson, with out reverting to special sensing techniques that can be sensed by other jedi. This technique also boosts a jedi’s internal power, offering more movement and clarity of mind.

Step 1: Remain still, for even though this technique leads to being ready for action, initial movement dissipates one’s connection to the force. Let the force flow around and through you. Clear you mind and dismiss any irrelevant thoughts from your head.

Step 2: Breathe in. This time, however, your breathing will be faster, breathing in over only ONE or TWO seconds. In doing so you will rapidly absorb force energy, getting the air into your lungs and all the blood to your muscles that your can. This is ENERGIZING your body and mind. You should feel yourself growing internally, your insides churning as more power is taken into your force well.

Step 3: Breathe out over TWO or THREE seconds, (two if you took one to breathe in, three if you took two). As you do this, don’t let go of the feeling of energy you got from breathing in. Focus on driving out all irrelevant sensation, all feelings that will hinder your connection to the force, or twist your vision. These emotions include anger, hate, jealousy, love (lust), pride, until you are left only with determination. Your body should relax, but you should keep feeling as if it’s still being energized.

Step 4: Continue steps 2 and 3 until you feel totally energized. You should feel as if every muscle, every fibre in your body is singing (or a similar effect), and get the warm glow feeling from having your force well full. This signifies you are ready for the application of this technique to your current situation.

Step 5: You have already experienced your “Sphere of responsibility”. Now you will learn to focus your passive senses in one particular direction. This is useful for seeking out individuals, small groups or particular items when you don’t have the luxury of being able to use a full force probe or even look at your surroundings. This technique uses passive sensing, but is normally just as effective (if not as precise) as a probe. First, establish your “Sphere”, then focus on whatever you need to sense, weither it be an object or person. All other things should fade out of importance. Unlike a Probe you don’t directly manipulate the force to find and object, you simply follow the tendrils of the force that link you to the object and everything else. Once you’ve mastered that, you should be able to find out the distance it works best for you. Obviously the stronger your connection to the force, the further you can push. For the true long-range sensing, you need “Calm Mind, Relaxed Body”, or other more direct sensing

Applications for “Alert Mind, Ready Body”.

1. Readiness for situations where combat is possible.

2. More specific passive sensing then “Calm Mind, Relaxed Body”.

3. Passive DEFENCE against a force probe and “Calm mind, Relaxed body”.

4. Good for revitalization. e.g., after hard exercise.

5. Makes you aware of your surroundings more then “Calm mind, Relaxed body”. Good for ANTICIPATING conflict.

6. Good for martial arts Jedi Training.

NOTE: The first time I used this technique, I would of collapsed if I wasn’t lying down. This can me prevented by using a grounding technique. Simply create a link from your body to the ground and let any execs energy flow out of you, through the link and too the ground. I open and close this link so that i can moderate how much energy I have in me at one time.