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There are many things to consider when you relise your being seduced by the dark side. The first of these is to know that you can only be tempted by the dark side if you let it tempt you. It is your own personal version of the dark side or a dark you, that is tempting your light you. In actuality you are tempting yourself. Self control is the only way to stop it.

Second, you must ask yourself, “Is what I see better than what I could have on the Light Side?”. The dark side likes to seduce you and make you think it will give you power, but really it is only clouding your thoughts, and can not give you everything it says it can.

But if the answer to the question above is YES, then the the only option is to either join the dark side or join the grey way. The grey offers both the light and dark sides to a jedi and if you can not live with out the dark side but still wish to remain with the light as well, then it is the only way.

Yoda said that once you start down the dark path that it will dominate your destiny forever. This is incorrect. Any one can be turned from the dark side.