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In this lecture, when we refer to light and dark, especially in reference to the light bulb, we are speaking of good and evil, etc. The dark side can seduce in many ways it also comes in many forms and can do many different things.

“Over the years I have had many encounters with the dark side. Being a grey Jedi I deal with it everyday, but even before i became a grey Jedi, I dealt with it even more. It would call out to me, sometimes waking me in the middle of the night. And from these experiences i’ve learnt this.

The dark sdie is not how most people see it. Evil, anger, depression, these are parts of the dark side, but not all ‘cases’ of the dark side involve these. When you open yourself to the dark side, it starts feed off of you, and you feed off its power. You start to feel its power and enjoy it.

Feeling both happy and angry at the same time, you feel more and more powerful, or so you think, until one night you run out into the darkness, no longer a person, but an ‘animal’, destroying things around you. Darkness is not necessary an enemy to light. They both must exist as a balance.

There is also a different side to the dark that I have experienced, this comes in the form of other people I know who were ‘dark’. Just because someone is dark or lives in darkness, it doesn’t mean they are evil or bad. Many of the dark people I met were actually allies or friends of mine. Most of the time they were actually quite supportive and friendly. (and i’m not just speaking about Ish). Remember, just because they live in darkness, does not make them evil.” ~~ Starr

You can see from this that the dark side can ‘seek’ out a target and hound them. Try and attack them mentally and offer you a taste of its power. At this stage you are extremely vulnerable as it is when you are closest to turning to the dark side.

Below we have some knowledge of how the dark side works as an entity.

“Darkness can be shattered by light, but light can be smothered by darkness. It’s like if you put a black shroud over a lamp. The light will still burn in the middle, but those one the outside will not be able to see it. However, eventually, the light will burn through the shroud. Unless more shrouds are placed on the lamp. Such is the nature of the Dark Side. It needs constant re-inforcement, or it will wear out.” ~~ Koren Jey

“Not long ago I was at a site, in which evil could not enter. But in the areas surrounding the protected grounds, the darkness was quite strong, as if it was massing, ready to get into the site the first chance it got.” ~~ Starr

This tells us that darkness will mass around light, trying to hide its effects from the world. But as long as light shines, in however small an amount, it will eventually get through and over come the darkness that is suppressing it. Darkness is quite overpowering, but light is strong and its effects can last a long time if used correctly.

Another analogy for the dark side could be this.

“Ahh, the old light vs. dark reference. How light penetrates darkness… Think of it this way. The dark side is the way of nature. If there was nothing what is there then?.. Darkness. Light is artificial no matter what form it comes in. Darkness is pure, it is raw and only if you are strong will you be able to process it.” ~~ Darth Kruhl

From this lecture I hope you have learnt how the dark side can tempt a Jedi and also how it works and tries to get you to do its bidding. In the end, it all comes down to you. Only if you let it tempt you, will it tempt you.