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Right Seeing:



      The Sith Meditation Chart is an experimental attempt to scientifically organize and classify all possible human emotions. The point of this is that emotions are the language of Sith Powers. Each emotion has specific properties that can be used meditatively. Although seperate from the basic meditations explained elsewhere, the Meditation Chart can be used to augment any power.

Interpreting the Chart:
The Chart’s two axises include the same set of emotions so that every possible combiantion of the basic emotions can be seen, no matter how rare the emotion. The X axis, or the categories running along the top, represent “Over” emotions while the other axis represnts “Under” emotions. Over emotions represent the emotion felt and mentally experienced… it is the driving motivation.
The Under emotions represent the emotions that are primarily displayed by the individual. These emotions are the ones observed, but are not causitive, merely the way one behaves.
So the Over emotion motivates and determines thought. The Under emotion is used to convey the motivation of the Over emotion. For example, Fear being the Over emotion and Anger being the Under emotion, this would be written as Fear Over Anger or Lashing Out. The individual experiences Fear, and displays it as Anger towards the thing/s causing the individual Fear. So, you can look at Fear Over Anger as both a mixture of the two emotions and as two seperate by cooperating emotions.

Meditative Theory:
This incomplete PDF document contains the early basic meditative theories: Sith Meditation.pdf

      The Sith Meditation Chart is a very useful tool in the quest to break the “Irradus Barrier” and acheive supernatural powers.