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Greetings. I have read many posts concerning the correct behaviour to catch the attention of a master. While all the possible answer have been given for the aspects of the shadow and the light side, I sense a necessity to explain what the Dark Council expects of the younger dark students.

You have decided to join the dark. And in doing this you have chosen a path of the strong. Many fear this path and quiver at the thought of it consuming their souls. Yet those true to their goal shall harvest the fruits of immortality.

You have chosen your path. Yet, you have proven nothing. You may demand the knowledge and power of the dark side and be assured that we always receive what we deserve. Those wishing to be of the dark, but children in their minds shall harvest nothing, for the dark side demands perfection and in this goal lies your path. If you wish for a master on this council, then be assured that we enact as the dark side teaches us. We can only laugh when we read ‘I would like a master, pretty-please’. Who are you to demand a teaching? What have you written to show your merit? If you truly assume that we are prepared to support the sloth than you would be better off following a more promising illusion. I will state some suggestions on achieving the attention of a master. Be assured that you should feel shame if you read anything that you did not know before. For all I write on this subject should be known by all who are mindful:


Of course you do not like the Jedi. Of course you wish to destroy them. Yet how would you go about your goal? Your mind and heart should tell you to further the dark side in our world and in the individual human. Yet be aware of your possibilities. This is the internet. Users from around the world, behind the protective mask of a false identity gather here to study and discuss the force. There is no way for you to meet them personally. No way to look into their eyes and see their soul. No way to feel the correct instrument of corruption. You may only speculate and in this you should tread lightly, for no individual is more protected from your seduction than one communicating over the net. You will have to gain their trust. You will have to aid them in enslaving their desires to your possibility of feeding them. And as such, it is expected that you show the patients of eternity when waiting for the right moment of seduction, if need be.

To appear, to show open aggression feeds your desire for confrontation. Yet what strategic advantage stems from this? None. Even if you anger them, and they might shortly be tempted by darker emotions, you have no chance of truly turning a soul of merit by your petty threats. For they know that they are quite safe from your primitive behavior and as such you will never instill true fear into them. You gaze to the dark side as your eternal master and expect a reward for your petty groveling? If so, you understand nothing of the dark side. You merely can see the plate you are eating from but do not even realize the size of the table it is set upon. As such you destroy your chances of befriending them. For they category you as the enemy and are free from the danger of your wrath. How quick were you to destroy your chance of manipulation? And the force will never reward you for such a basic failure. The only true path is to encounter your enemies with politeness. For this is the path as where they eventually drop their guard. You then have the chance of understanding who they are and how they think. And with obtaining the key to their personality lies the power over their thoughts, mind and soul, if you demonstrate the cold of space in your behavior. Patience is the hardest lesson for a dark jedi. Yet it is the greatest of mundane weapons.


Now you have attained a basic respect from your surroundings. This will solely achieve a short nod of support from the Sith Council. As it is what us expected of a true apprentice of the dark side. You may gaze around you and expect all the rewards of the universe for this simple task, and if so, you have solely understood the first lesson. There are many who wish to be trained. You must prove your worth above all others to be assured that the Dark Council will recognize you. As you have no chance of proving your worth in battle at this time, you must prove your worth through the weight of your intellect. You should post on the Force Council and post in wisdom. Demonstrate the depth of your mind and the evil that lies behind it. Show us your ability to discuss with others and therefore your skill in finding that key to their minds. Beware to remain polite, as if they provocate you, as by chance or desire, you shall only lose your control over the image you represent and therefore over your surroundings. Speak of philosophy, speak of your emotions, show us the stage of your evolution. Do not believe that you can allude us, for even with the net protecting your mind from us, as the net protects the minds of others before you, we are the experienced of sith. We are the manipulators that wander through time and have spent years of study to perfectionize our tools. There is no way to allude us and the attempt is punishable. When you post intelligently, regardless of your given knowledge, I will know where you stand on the path of your training. And I will aid you if you show merit and humbleness, towards your own insignificance when compared to the dark side of the force. If you show the ignorance of the child we will treat you as the child. If you show the courage and mindfullness of the warrior, then we will treat you as such. Make suggestions showing your resourcefulness. Show us philosophy as we are to understand the structure of your mind. Speak of your emotions as we see the flow of the dark side within you.

When a candidate has shown merit through his posts, he is watched by the masters in secret. Sometimes such candidates are tested without there knowing. Sometimes it is arranged for them to meet a member of the other side in verbal conflict to see how their argumentation is. If it is proven that the candidate has a talent for discussion, not necessarily rhetorical talent, but true to what he believes, then he is noted as a possible padawan or apprentice.

After that, patience is tested. It is eyed, how long they continue to post in an interesting style. Many people decide to solely read or post once in a while after they don’t get a master right away. This is because, padawans/apprentices are expected to aid their masters in a form of doing chores for them. it is the typical price for apprenticeship as we all know well from most stories of the middle ages. An apprentice must be able to make good suggestions and be able to complete projects. Masters want to see the independence and competence within this person. When it is proven that an apprentice is capable of making smart decisions without overstepping his boundaries, then he is ready for personal training.


As a summary. I have seldomly seen the behaviour expected of the mindful. You’re only comfort is, that the correct behavior is generally missed on all aspects of the force. But be assured, that what others do or fail to do, is not comparable to what is expected of you from the dark side.

What suffices for others is unacceptable to us. When others are admired, we see you doing what you are expected to. And thus might you rise to dark glory as the strongest of your kind, for one dark jedi should always be worth one hundred of the light. This is what we demand and no less. And if this seems to much for you to demand of yourself, then we suggest that you carry your weakness somewhere else and make room for the warriors of darkness.

Be mindful.