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“I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.” -Nietzsche

What is a Dark Side force user? Is he or she a Sith? a Krath? a Jensari? or none of these? A simple answer is that a Darksider just is. By this I mean that the term “Darksider” is a generic label used to describe individuals who follow divergent paths of Dark philosophy.

At a recent meeting led by Lord Irvine, a consensus was reached that there are some things common among most Darksiders. Breaking them down into two main groupings we then have “beliefs” and “tools”.

Core beliefs

Core beliefs which are shared by the majority of Darksiders include:

  • We should use our anger and hate.
  • The outcome justifies the deed.
  • We work to achieve power. Why? To protect and further our abilities and aims as individuals.
  • It is important to maintain masked individualism – blending with the sheep, yet always being introspective.
  • Introspection is important – it means to know one’s self, to maintain honesty to one’s self.


Tools used by Darksiders fall under broad labels; the following identified as important:

  • emotions (anger, hate, rage)
  • force powers
  • manipulation
  • meditation
  • honing of the intellect – education – cunning
  • physical training

The ways in which the tools are prioritized is left up to the individual, based on the branch of Darkside study each follows. For example, a Jensari might place emphasis on physical training, a Krath on intellect/cunning, a Sith on force powers. Additionally, a broad-based tool such as meditation will often be adapted to suit the needs of each user. One may use meditation for enhancement of force powers and greater ability in using and mastering emotions. Another using it for greater clarity of mind, and a third for becoming both stronger in the force and more aware of the natural environment. All three individuals may also adapt it to suit many particular purposes. Maintaining flexibility and the ability to adapt is a sign of a Darksider. Rigidity will cause weakness, giving the opponent an edge from which to chip away at what you have created.


It is wise to reflect on the fact that if one ever stops learning, training, and gaining in knowledge, it is probably because you are dead. All of life is a learning-ground. Carpe Diem- Seize the Day- when a moment or opportunity presents itself, take it. But do not forget to look before you leap off the cliff. If you expect to be alive when you reach bottom, you will need the proper gear. The Darksider needs to remember that some knowledge comes quickly and some takes a lifetime.

Approached in its proper order, the knowledge will come to the student in the most beneficial way. Rush your training or leap ahead too far, and the results will likely be detrimental, if not fatal. Overconfidence and overambition has been the downfall of many throughout history. By keeping a firm grip on reality, we can assure ourselves that we will not be trampled by our own ambitions.

Be mindful of all as you strive towards your goals. Get to know your fellow Darksiders, for though we have many differences, we also have much in common.

Our strength lies in diversity – all paths of the Dark are given voice and each Darksider has the choice of giving allegiance, or not, to a particular way.

Our strength lies in unity – all of us working together to provide a stable training ground for Darksiders.

Our strength lies in individuality – not losing one’s self within a given path, never being a sheep.

Look into the real world and you will see that it comes down to who is really in control, who is truly alive – and who is not.

Walk the Dark Side and it just may be you who has the power.

Be Mindful.

– Emma Syncler