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Any pursuit that you wish to partake in, whether it is persuading the opposing target through psychological means or through the force can be judged on five fundamental factors by which your quest shall succeed.

We shall look at each of these in detail.

Moral Influence

This does NOT mean you go out and change your needs to suit the needs of another. You do, however, want to find a common through which you can identify your subject. To speak of the art of persuasion; allowing your subject to get comfortable and secure with you breaks down their defense. You can always catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.


If you are trying to bend another to see your point if view, make sure your immediate surroundings are not distracting and your subjects attention is never diverted. If she is cold lend her your jacket. If she is thirsty offer her a drink. Take into consideration whether she is disturbed by loud noise or is uncomfortable with silence. Use these findings when you feel her attention wander. Be sure to also inventory the weather and its effects on you and your subject.


“How far away “ is your subject from the ideas of which you speak. Is he open and willing to accept your ideas, or is he close-minded and stubborn? Can you use smiles and metaphors to attract his attention? Is his mind really on the conversation at hand, or is he dwelling on other affairs? How can you link his thought of the moment to your goal at hand? Build a bridge only to where you can cross!


Before you even attempt to speak your ideas, etc to a subject, examine yourself closely. How knowledgeable are you on the subject on whom you speak? If you are trying to persuade someone to see your point of view you had better be sincere about how you feel about it. If you do not you insecurity will be flayed open for your subject to see, and he may take advantage of it. You must know when to treat your subject with sympathy with out bending to his way. You must be prepared to seize upon any opportune moment, and once your subjects attention is won, don’t lose it.


Organize and outline the basis of your “speech” beforehand if possible. Have a wordsmith aid you if need arises. If a comrade would be more in tune with your subject assign the former to the task, Delegate your resources in the manner that they suited. Your ideas should be preented in a controlled way: an introduction, middle, and an ending. Be sure to allow your subject access to the other (pre-selected ) resources so he may sense security in the fact you can “back up” what you say.

– Paimon