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Mindfulness practice is the practice of being 100% honest with ourselves. When we watch our own mind and body, we notice certain things that are unpleasant to realize. As we do not like them, we try to reject them. What are the things we do not like? we do not like to detach ourselves from loved ones or to live with unloved ones. We include not only people, places and material things into our likes and dislikes, but opinions, ideas, beliefs and decisions as well. We do not like what naturally happens to us. We do not like for instance growing old, becoming sick, becoming weak, or showing our age, for we have a great desire to preserve our appearance. We do not like someone pointing out our faults, for we take great pride in ourselves. We do not like someone to be wiser than we are for we are deluded about ourselves and our views.

For the darkside adept Mindfulness is a must to avoid premature discovery of your plans and for day to day interaction with the force. The first step in the training of a new adept should be in mindfulness. This will give them the needed attention to detail and the ability to see things as they truly are. A word of advise to the dark students in addition to practicing you Dark Side meditation begin to look at things as they really are. Use your hate to temper your perceptions. Be ruthless towards yourself first and develop the balance of your insight and logic it will greatly aid you later in developing force powers.

– Paimon