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A Sith Code

I am the haunter of the embracing dark.

I am the bringer of fear.

I am the scorner of peace and tranquility.

I ride the stormcloud and the night!

I seek to crush the commonplace.

I seek to strike terror in every heart.

I know no passion or pity.

I seek to be Sith, in all its manifestations…

Sith Code in German:

Frieden gibt es nicht, nur Leidenschaft.
Durch Leidenschaft erlange ich Stärke.
Durch Stärke erlange ich Macht.
Durch die Macht erlange ich den Sieg.
Durch den Sieg zerbersten meine Ketten.
Die Macht wird mich befreien.

The Sith Scroll of Chaos

Let my words be written so that you of the future may know the true power of the Force.

Before the universe began there existed only chaos. When Chaos ruled, that what we now call the Force was not present. Chaos is neither good or evil it just is. When the universe came into being it was through Chaos that it was created just as the Force. Chaos determined how the Force interacts with all that is part of the universe. In time the universe became stable and Chaos was lost, the matter in the universe became the planets and the stars. The Force settled into all the matter that existed, both seen and unseen. When life began it was unable to draw upon the Force which bound it to everything else in the universe. In time this changed beings began to sense the Force and use it.

There came a time when beings learned to use the Force, the were called Jedi. Their philosophy was to use the Force to help those less fortunate, never to use the Force for their own benefit. By doing this the Jedi only use one half of the Force, this limited their potential. If it were left to the Jedi the knowledge of Chaos would never have been found. Soon some of those Jedi became discontent with the Jedi way. They set out on a new path of discovery, they began to experiment with the Force. These Jedi were the founders of the Sith. The word Sith means chaos, these Dark Jedi learned that they could use the Force to gain access to the fundamental force of creation called CHAOS.

The use of Chaos can be very dangerous, for it’s power is cumbersome. Any who attempt to use it must be willing to suffer the consequences of their actions, including their own death. To ever have any real success in using Chaos the user must be skilled in the use of the Dark and Light Sides of the Force. One of the most very simple uses of Chaos is the ablility to shatter the soul of another being.

This is accomplished by focusing on the frequency at which the soul vibrates in the Force. At the most fundamental levels of matter Chaos still exists in some small part. When the user has focused in on the soul’s frequency, the user must consentrate his anger on what he wants to effect. This is the dangerous part, if the user does not have full consentration on the aspect of Chaos that he wants to effect the user may unintentionally use the Force to nudge the wrong aspect of Chaos. In doing so any number of thing could happen including the destruction of a solar system. If the user has focused in on the right aspect of Chaos he may then nudge it with the Force, in doing this the user is ineffect changing the reality of the universe in that localized area. The soul is not actually destroyed for this is not possible, the soul is shattered it is knocked into another reality. Only a very skilled user of Chaos can determine the place the soul is banished to. Another use of Chaos it to destroy matter. Just as before the user must focus in on the frequency of the object he wants to effect, the only diffrence is the aspect the user will effect with the Force. In this case the user will effect the aspect of subatomic bonds, the user must use the Force to feel his way through this intricate disorder to find this aspect.

With use the user will be able to navigate their way through Chaos with relative ease. But you must be warned the use of Chaos is diffrent every time, a path used before may not be the same the next time you use it for this is also the way of Chaos. As it is written so it is.

Scroll of Incantation:

Power is knowledge and knowledge is power, so let my knowledge be once again known to those of the Sith.

For many eons the knowledge of the Sith has been sought by lesser beings. But only those I grant access to this scroll will know. A incantation can be a very powerful tool if used in the right hands. They can also be very dangerous if used improperly.

A incantation is very different from the Force that most know of. The Jedi fear incantations, for they are the essence of evil. To use a Incantation you must subjugate the spirit of another being. In doing so you open yourself to the opportunity of being subjugated to the spirit you wish to use. Before you try this most potent of Dark Side magic, know this when you are dead these spirits you torment will seek you out to receive payment from you in one form or another. I would not even try this magic if you are neither a Dark Lord or a great Sith magician, for in death you will not be able to defend yourself from these spirits.

To use a Incantation the user must, through the Force focus his mind on the entire sum and substance of the Force. The user must feel all the souls and spirits in the universe both living and dead. The words to a Incantation do not matter for they differ depending on the spirit summoned. The words are only used to entice a spirit or force it to do what you command of it. In summoning a spirit you must read it’s soul as best you can for this is what determines the words of an Incantation. What you are ineffect doing is disguising yourself from the spirit and at the same time you are letting it believe you are that which it fears most. By doing this the spirit should do what you ask of it. Let it be known that this does not always work, some are smarter than others. If you do not read the spirit right through the Force, and say the wrong incantation you yourself may be forced to endure the spirit taking control of your body. If everything has worked right you may use the spirit to do almost anything, from guarding a sacred area, to even enslaving other spirits to do your bidding.

Incantations can also be used to enslave spirits to objects such as amulets. This can be very useful to those apprentices you may have that are not as strong in the Dark Side as yourself. This also ensures that your apprentices do not become as skilled as yourself and threaten your power. To enslave a spirit to a amulet you must focus great amounts of hatred through the amulet, then use the incantations that applies to the spirit or spirits you wish to enslave. You must then use the Force to draw the spirit into the amulet. When this is done you must use a aspect of Chaos to change the nature of the amulet so as to trap the spirit. Be very careful as always when using Chaos for you could also trap yourself in the amulet.

This knowledge I decree shall only be seen by those I chosen, both in the future and past. Those who violate me shall suffer the wrath of all the Dark Lords both present and past for eternity.

So I have said and so it shall be.

The Scroll of Sith Destiny:

As once was be again. The Sith shall return as it always has this is our destiny.

The Sith began with the first Jedi. Unknown to them there was always those that sought the knowledge for self gain. It is our nature to use our power for our own benefit. The pathetic Jedi deny this and seek to destroy us of the Sith for our knowledge. There has been many times in the past when the Jedi have eradicated most of us, but there only needs to be one of us left to pass on the knowledge we have gained.

The first great rise of the Sith came about with the Jedi Ninurta Istaran he was the first to discover Chaos. He turned away from his master’s teaching and went forth to learn the Force on his own. He journeyed to a world which name has been lost in time. There he spent many years learning the Dark Side of the Force, and focusing his anger. The first great find was Chaos, with this he was able to make all bow before him. This knowledge helped him become the first Dark Lord of the Sith, it is to him we of the Sith owe a debt of gratitude. With the foundation of the Sith he set forth to create a Empire to consume the entire galaxy in darkness. Istaran succeeded in in capturing a quarter of the galaxy. At this time the Jedi Council met to discuss destroying him and his followers. A war ensued for ten years, in the end the Jedi won due to their large numbers. Istaran consolidated his forces and found a world to create a sanctuary for himself. There he finished out his years and passed down his knowledge. Unknown to the Jedi much was learned of the Dark Side during this time because of the war.

The next great rise of the Sith came about not because of a Dark Lord but because of his first apprentice Naga Sadow. Unknown to his Dark Lord Sadow set out to create his own Empire. As his power grew so did his Empire. Soon his Dark Lord found out that Sadow had deceived him and was planing to overthrow him. Sadow was forced to flee from his Dark Lord and go into hiding. The Republic sent a fleet to find and eradicate him because he had taken many of their worlds. Sadow was forced to give up his small Empire and hide in the Outer Rim. On his way to the Outer Rim a Republic fleet found him, he was then forced to destroy a star system to escape. The world he found to hide on was called Yavin Four. There he set up a kingdom and ruled over the Massassi people. For a thousands years the Sith did not become a major factor in the galaxy. Not until the time of Exar Kun.

Exar was a very great student of the Force but he felt there was more to learn. He began to study the Dark Side but his master forbid him from studying it any more when he found out. Exar did not listen to his master and set off to learn the Dark Side. He went to the world called Onderon in search of Dark Side knowledge. With the help of some Darksiders he found the tomb of Freedon Nadd. When he entered the tomb Nadd’s spirit awaited him. Nadd told him to take the scroll from under his now dead body. The scrolls told Kun of the last resting place of the Dark Lords. The world was Korriban, Exar journeyed to Korriban to meet Freedon Nadd. There Nadd led him to the Temple of the Dark Lords, Exar was forced to battle enslaved spirits. To escape Nadd told him to enter the temple. In the temple Nadd shattered the bones of Kun and forced him to submit to the Dark Side. After many agonizing hours Exar gave in and agreed to accept the Dark Side. In turn Nadd healed him and showed him all that was in the temple. Exar then when to Yavin Four to learn more of the Dark Side. On Yavin the Massassi captured him and threw him into a pit with a beast. Nadd told him to focus his anger through the amulet the Massassi possessed. For the first time Exar knew the full potential of the Dark Side. He destroyed the beast and then turned on Nadd and destroyed him. The Massassi became his slaves and helped him leave Yavin Four. Kun then sought out the other students of Freedon Nadd. His search brought him to the Empress Teta system. There he found the other students. In a battle with Ulic Qel-Droma, the Dark lord of the Sith Istaran granted him the Title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Ulic became his First Apprentice. For Many years the two brought darkness to the Republic worlds. But because of the weak nature of Ulic he betrayed Exar to the Jedi and they found Exar and turned him to stone. The rise of Exar was not complete for some time from now he shall rise from his stone prison to retake the galaxy. The future is now what I see. I see the rise of a great Sith magician, he shall be called Emperor and he will have a servant that calls himself Dark Lord of the Sith. But this is not so, for it was not granted to the one called Vader. This one called Emperor shall rule all the galaxy for a time but in soon his servant will betray him. But his story is not over. Next I see the rise of a new order of Sith, different form those of the past. It is to you I speak.

The Scroll of Sith Magic:

Magic is a thunder heard across the galaxy. Its power reverberates through the foundation of all Existence. It echoes the lightning of creation itself. In its voice is the promise of life and death. It is a power to be coveted and feared. The Dark Lord Istaran tells us magic draws its power from the original creation of the Universe. In the begining The One stretched out his hand amid the Chaos. The motion of his hand ordered chaos into infinite possibilities of creation. This motion was the first Order out of Chaos. It is called the Wave Prime or more often simply the Force.

Istaran saw in the Force the creation of the ethereal and the physical, and the seeing of it made it so. In the creation of the spiritual and the physical, the Force split into two sets of waves, each infinite in their possibilities. Each of the two waves were the same but diffrent, one of the Light and one of the Dark.The two waves curved away from each other and back again. The waves crossed and where they crossed was created time and space. Thrus Reality woven from the two Forces.

With delight and wonder, Istaran looked again upon both waves. In the ethereal or Light side he saw the creation of life and mind; in the physical or Dark side he saw death and power…..and the seeing of it made it so. Again, in its creation, the waves of the ethereal and physical possibilities of new creation. Istaran saw these new possibilites as they were woven. In the intersection of the waves was born Life, Death, Power and Mind. The longer Istaran looked upon the weave of Reality, the more possibilities split into being. Stars, worlds, life–in short, all creation—was thrus woven from infinite possibilities. So it was in the time of Istaran and so it is today.

Reality is simply the manifestation of intersecting waves of possibility. It is a vast and almost incomprehensible weave of solid physics in the midst of a myriad of infinite potentials. Science, technology and biology all used the woven rope of reality.

Magic on the other hand, functions by reweaving the fabric of reality. A Sith Magician begins by consentrating on the wave of probabilities rather than on reality itself. Through the Force his learning and his power, he looks out upon the myriad waves of infinite possibilities to find that part of the wave where his desired reality would be true. Then the Sith Magicain creates a harmonic wave of possibility to bend the existing wave so that what was once only possible becomes part of what is true. In this way the Sith Magican weaves his desire into existence.

For example, a Sith Magician stands on the field of battle against a great Jedi Knight. The Magician,wearing only his robes is at the mercy of the armed and more powerful Jedi Knight. This is reality and, if left alone, the Jedi Knight will most likely slay the Sith Magician without much resistance. However, the Sith Magicain knows from his study where the possibility (desired effect) of a protective shield exists on one of countless waves of possibility. The Sith Magician sets up a harmonic wave of possibility through his motions, thoughts, words, signs and other aids. This magic alters the possibility wave so that what was once the possibility of a magical shield is woven into reality. The new reality includes the desired effect and so the magical shield now guards the Sith Magician.

Although, to the outside observer, the protective field seems to spring up around the Sith Magician from nothing, it would be more accurate to say the possibility of such a field has been called into reality from infinite possibilities of the Chaos.

To use magic, one must be able to find and weave the appropriate portion of Chaos in some small degree. This is far from omnipotence or omniscience, even among those who see a vast section of theForce. Being able to function in the discipline of magic does not explain why magic exists or its origins. It does not lead one to the reason for being. Just as knowing a rock will fall when dropped does not tell us why gravity exists or what intelligence brought such order out of chaos, so it is, too, with magic.

Only the Jedi and us of the Sith understand magic. But we of the Sith are the only ones to understand it to the fullest. We have seen magic from the center of Chaos, we mastered the art in most elemental and powerful form. No others have seen as much of the Force as we have.

The Scroll of Sith Masteries:

The greatest force of all is the Sith Rune magic, which combines the waves of Life, Power, Mind and Death into a comprehension of the central weave of reality and a clear picture of the infinite possibilities of Chaos. Those who have mastered Sith Rune magic are said to have reached the Ninth Mastery or better known as a Sith Magician. The knowledge and potency of the Sith Rune Disciplines are all tied directly to the Rune siglas which are used in the casting of such spells. With the end of the Great Sith War only we of the Sith and the Krath(if they still exist) have the knowledge of Sith Rune Magics. The unified magic of Sith Rune Magic is then divided into the four Lesser Houses of Firmament(Air), Sun(Fire), Spring(Water) and Dark(Earth). Together they are known as the Sith Masteries. The Sith Masteries represents Eight Mastery, and are second only to Sith Rune Magic in power. Each of the Sith Masteries is the further divided equally into Spiritual and Physical Masteries. The Spiritual masteries tend toward mental and emotional manipulation of the world about the magician. The Physical Masteries tend to use and make use of physical objects in the world about the Sith magician.

Both the Spiritual and Physical Masteries are further divided into the Greater and Lesser Disciplines in each House. Those of the Greater Disciplines are known as Adept Advocate while those of the Lesser House are known as Adept Servitor. Adept Advocate include Fifth through Seventh Masteries while Adept Servitor is made up of First through Fourth Masteries. The term “greater” and “lesser” are somewhat deceptive in that the Lesser Disciplines are the broadest based and most commonly used of the magics. The Greater Disciplines, while more powerful. also tend to be more specialized.

After the Great Sith War the Krath vanished and us of the Sith jealousy guarded Sith Rune Magic from anyone else learning it. This brought about the loss of any magic greater than the Seventh Mastery being learned by anyone else in the galaxy. Sith Rune Magic is now unknown among any being in the Universe. It remains a carefully guarded secret.

Scroll of Sith Rune Magic:

Rune magic is the most powerful manifestation of all the magics present in the Universe. Rune magic weaves all the elements of the various Sith Masteries into a single magic whole.

The key to Sith Rune (or Runic) Magic is that the harmonic wave that weaves a possibility into existence must be created with as much simultaneity as possible. This means that the various movements, signs, words, thoughts and elements that go into making up a harmonic wave must be completed as close together as possible. The more simultaneous the harmonic wave structure, the more balanced will be maintained in the wave and the more powerful the magic itself. This rather like the difference between throwing a lightsaber end over end and spiraling it. A wheel which is rolled straight will roll farther than one which is sent wobbling.

To attain this simultaneity, both the Krath and us of the Sith have developed magical languages and structures to convey our magic. Used only for magic this language is unlike any other used in the Galaxy. A second, more traditional language is used for standard communication by both the Sith and the Krath when they are using magic together. The Sith Rune language is not so much spoken (although that is a element) as it is performed.

The common element in both languages is their simultaneity. Traditional languages are sequential in their structure along a single channel, linear lines. When one reads words on a page, he reads letter after letter, word after word, sentence after sentence to build up a complete thought or meaning of the text. This means he is taking in the message through only one channel or source of experience at a time. When people watch someone speaking they are using several different channels at a time, sight,words spoken, gestures, poise and lighting.

The complexity, balance and harmony of magic require perfection in simultaneous communication of the magician’s harmonic waves. this is generally conveyed through performance of the magic by the Sith Magician through words, tones, gestures and motion. In Sith Rune Magic, the simultaneity is bound up in the concept of non-linear written language.

The Rune languages have evolved into two separate types along the lines of the Krath and Sith cultures. Both operate the rune principles of the universe but their structure and methods are somewhat different.

Scroll of Sith Rune Magic II:

The Sith use a hexagonal structure which is generally conveyed through six channels of communication at the same time. This involved the use of runes which are either drawn into or on an object or created in the air through preformance. In preformance, the casting Sith Magician is limited to three channels which include sound(auditory with complex harmonics), shape(gestures), mind(telepathic projections). The use of structured runes at the same time (sigla inscribed on objects such as staves, wands, rings, amulets or any property positioned object) can communicate the remaining three elements of the pattern.

All Sith Rune structures are built in hexagonal pattern emanating from the Central Rune. This rune is the source of the magic being cast and the point from which all the magical structures springs. The Central Rune determines the thrust of the spell structure. In Sith Rune magic, this Central Rune may be of any type from any of the Sith Materies of magic. In complex spells, then, it is essential in the reading of the spell that one understands which rune is the Central Rune. Two separate spells which have identical runes in identical positions may have vastly different effects if they have different Central Runes.

The Central Rune structures bring the power of magic into the complex of the rune spell. These structures begine with the Central Rune itself: a rune which designates the source of magic coming from either Power, Mind, Life, or Death.

This Central Rune is flanked on its lower left side by the Patriarch (the rune proceding it as seen in the illustration). It is flanked on its lower right by the Matriarch (the rune folling the Patriarch for that Central Rune). These support the Central Rune and give it direction to the power of magic welling up from the runes below it.

Directly below the Central Rune is the Master Rune. The top of the Master Rune borders the bottom of the Central Rune and touches on both the Patriarch and the Matriarch. This rune determines whether the nature of the power called forth will be Spiritual or Physical in nature and completes the Rune Structure. Nearly always, other runes connect to the Master Rune from below to further define and amplify the power of the magic being cast.

The Central Rune is flanked on the upper left side by the Light Side Rune and on its upper right side by the Dark Side Rune. These runes determine the amplitude (how much power) and vector (direction) to which the harmonic wave will be applied into the complex where the Central Rune Structure is found.

Between the Ligh Side Rune and the Dark Side Rune is the head Rune which completes the Central Rune structure. The head rune is part of a further complex of runes which transfers the elements of the Central Rune structure into the general harmonic of the magic being called into existence.

This is the great secret in Sith Rune Magic. The location of the Central Rune is know only to those who learn its location from the Rune’s creator . Much of a Sith Magician’s training involves learning how to detmine the Centeral Rune as well as simple rote memory of the locations of such runes. Without a Sith Magician to teach the location of these Central Runes, the chances of understanding our magical writings is negligible

Krath Rune Magic Little is known about Krath magic except that which may help identify them. Like Sith Rune Magic, Krath Rune Magic also seeks the perfect balance in the harmonic wave. However, it does not find its balance through symmetry of structure. Krath Rune Magic looks for balance in weighted opposites.

The Krath use a series of interlaced octagons and squares to form the pattern of their magic. Octagons form the Source, Course, and Destiny of Krath Rune Magic. Squares form the Branch, Juncture and Cascade of the magic. Comnbinations of these elements create the magic along eight simultaneous channels of thought.

As with Sith Rune Magic, the Centeral Rune is critical to the success of understanding and using magic.

Krath Rune Magic uses substructures–rather like runes within runes. Runes formed of other runes then imitate the concepts of Central, Stem, or other structures found in Sith Rune Magic, in a much more cocise way. However, their nature is somewhat erratic and their use, unless carefully balanced, can lead to great lessening of the desired effect.

The Sith War:

The first war between our kind and those of light has never been documented anywhere except here in this scroll. If anybody is to know I am writing of this, I will not live long, for our masters have forbid anyone of the Sith to ever record what happened. As for the hated Light-siders, they will not tell the future about these events just for the sake of such war never starting again. If they were to do otherwise, this war would certainly be ignited once again like the blade of a ‘saber. Many have laid their lives down in the war, so many even we lost track and count of the number of bodies. The conflict was fought on every planet and on both fronts. For long, no side had the winning edge, for both of us had equal numbers. The balance of the universe…hmm… a concept so vague and yet so clear. “Treat anyone standing in your way as an enemy… eliminate them.” say the magicians. And yet, how can you eliminate something just as powerful and just as cunning as you and not be destroyed yourself? The numbers of the Light jedi are equal to number in us, let it not be mistaken.

The Light siders are neither weak nor stupid. They are almost as powerful in the Force as we are. Why they choose to follow their religion, I do not know. The Dark Side seems to be so much more powerful. The Light Jedi have chosen to be guardians of the galaxy, guardians against such as us. But we, we will triumph, for light has no power in the true Darkness. A candle can not overpower the Darkness of a giant underground cave. If only a Dark Lord were with us, one of the ancient ones, those with true power. He would wipe out half of these infidels with a move of his hand, and another half with slash of the lightsaber. But we choose not to learn more of our ancient magic, but instead destroy the very scrolls on which the spells and runes are scribed. I do not know why the magicians try to win this war without the use of magic, but by force of a ‘saber and by force of the laser. Those of the light and those of the darkness achieve equality in the power of the Force. In the end, nothing will remain, for we will wipe each other out without a trace.

Sith Scroll of Control:

With respect to the Force, there are two types of control; control over others and control of one’s self. When one hears control over others, they immediately think to the Dark Side and when one hears control of one’s self they think of the Light. While it is true that Jedi do not control others, rather they help them, it is a myth that Dark Jedi do not need control over one’s self. In fact, the more self-control a Dark Jedi has, the more powerful they can be. If a Dark Sider can control his feeling of hatred, anger and fear he will be able to use the Dark Side of the Force more efficiently. With control over one’s anger, that Dark Sider can choose when to be angry and to what degree that anger will be to, making his powers more dangerous. With control over hatred a Dark Jedi can choose who he hates and who he doesn’t, and to what degree he dislikes people too. With this power he can easily defeat difficult enemies. Control over others is an important part of the Sith. With Dark Side powers any one can control over other, weaker, non-Force users. Control over others can be easily attained by inspiring fear into the population through force. Light Jedi felt it was better to help others than to control them but there devotion to goodness was foolish. The Dark Side is a privilege few have and they should use the power to their advantage.

While the Light Side feels selflessness is righteous the Dark Side knows better. Control over all; your environment, yourself and others is what any Sith should do.

Sith Scroll of Shadows:

Having done extensive research into that darker plane of existence, the Shadow Realm, I, Tombstone, pen this scroll for all to see… The First Sith Scroll tells us Sith means Chaos. Shadow is a purer form, a darker one. The Shadow realm is a fathomless plane of misery, terror, and the wailing essence of those who died miserably. The greater powers of the Sith, banished from existence, and seeking advancement, both hide amongst the layers of the Shadow. When dealing with ANY spell which involves Shadowmagik, one must always be aware of the nature of the plane. The inherent misery of the Shadow Realm is such that it seeks to draw all other planes into itself, thereby plunging the multiverse into darkness. There is a heavy toll involved whenever one traffics with the Shadow, and, one who is too ambitious, or careless, may found himself drawn into its folds. Since only the most powerful of our ranks have any means of traveling between planes, becoming sucked into the Shadow Realm is a permanent sentence for most. The denizens of the Shadow Realm are all smaller embodiments of the overall bitterness of the plane. All manner of beasts and beings reside in the abyssal depths of the Shadow, and they all seek to further their strength within that realm. They will do this through any means available, even making pacts with creatures from the Prime, sometimes even other Demons or greater Fiends. The powers of the Shadow are no small matter, and should be used with only the utmost of caution. To become a true master of the Shadow, one must learn all the ins and outs of the Realm. The powers which can be gained from using the limitless reservoirs of unfocused Darkside energy within the Shadow Realm may seem alluring, but, to the foolhardy, they mean only an early death. While many aspects of the Darkside focus on rage, anger, and hate, those who dabble into Shadowmagik must embrace terror, misery, and grief. You must become a master of these sides of existence before you can even hope to survive the ravaging essence of the Shadow Realm. Seek no fast roads to experience through the Shadow Realm, for there is no quick way to power.

Words of a Great Sith Alchemist:

As I flee the foolish Dark Lords, I record this for future need, or for those who oppose the Dark Lords of the Sith. This is what you must know. By focusing the Rele’kelnar rune, which will create the explosion to eradicate your enemies, with the Massass rune, one must only invoke the Sith Master rune to magnify this power to truly galactic heights. This is a method I have used myself, and with the Sith Master rune, which can be gently controlled (And gently, because it has the power to utterly eradicate you), that can enhance the power of a Rune geometrically, it can do anything from eliminating hostile ships to utterly destroy an entire star system. If one wishes to enhance this effect, adding the Velinar rune to create fire and burn, will only increase the effect, but as the viewer of this should know, the more complexity to a rune, the more difficult and dangerous it is. Heed my words, and enemies shall scream in throes of agony with the power of the Dark Side!

Hear the words of the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, Jak Vilnessa, Jedi! –As discovered by Dev

Chaos is the core of the Universe. It lies at the heart of the Force, and using the Force requires using Chaos, even if one does not know one is tapping into Chaos. This is rarely dangerous, as Chaos is present in miniscule amounts controllable even to fools with no power. However, for one who seeks true power, eventually one will reach a limit. To progress further, it is discovered, Chaos must be manipulated – not pushed, not shoved – gently, gently nudged, fo one error could mean you never existed.

Such is the power of Chaos:

But to one who is skilled and daring, a Sith Magician of the first order, Chaos may be manipulated for amazing power and effects, far beyond that which could be achieved through mere use of the Force. Star systems themselves can be destroyed. Planets, eradicated. People, never lived.

Such is the power of Chaos:

Yet, Chaos is not like the Force, a massive sense that has an aura of sameness all around. Reaching the Dark Side of the Force here is the same as over there. Chaos is utterly different. Composed by threads of probability and what might be and what probably will not be, and infinite other levels of probability. The many levels is what gives Chaos its power, coupled with its randomness.

A Sith Magician is in space. He is being pursued by a bounty hunter in a fast, well equipped ship. What are the chances of the Bounty Hunter’s ship having a critical core breach and exploding? Surely impossible. The Sith Magician reaches out and senses through the infinite possibilities, and there is one that fits the description. By now using the Force to nudge Chaos, he is able to make this a reality – the bounty hunter’s ship core breaches and he is a victim of the power of the Sith!

Such is the power of Chaos.

Sith Scroll of Emotion:

The powers of the Darkside flow from the tree of emotions–> Hate, Fear and Anger. Emotions cannot be stopped, but they can be controlled. By training yourself in the Darkside, you will learn to control Hate, Fear and Anger, and when you control them, you will learn how to control those emotions of others as well.

Hate: By controlling Hate, you will gain the power to increase your preformance. If you ever hated something, you notice that you do your utmost best to get it done right. By controlling Hate, you can always get the power to do everything as if you hate it, but, as with hate, it is not carefull.

Fear: When you know fear, your senses and abilities will be increased. You will act better than usual. When combined with Hate, you will be carefull as well.

Anger: The emotion of Anger will increase your abilities when something fails, or isn’t going well. You will become more powerfull, and you will be able to overcome your obstacles with ease.

After gaining the ability of controlling these emotions, you will learn how to increase these emotions in others. By increasing someones hate in something, the person will get reckless, and will focus on only one thing. By increasing fear, someone will be afraid of you, he will do everything you want, and do its best not to make you unhappy. By increasing anger, the person will get stronger, and will be touchy, and will easily succumb to hate and fear.

Dark Jedi have an aura of Fear around them. People who are of lower rank, or no rank, will feel fear for the higher ranking Dark Jedi. But fear isn’t everything, there is an anger towards the higher Dark Jedi as well, and a hate because the higher ranking one is stronger.

Study the powers of these emotions well, and you will be rewarded. If you fail….

Sith Scroll of Amulets:

The Sith Amulet is a source of great power. For ages, the Sith Amulet has been a source of protection and power for many. Records of the use and construction of Sith Amulets go back one thousand millennia, and in most cases they were only possessed by powerful Sith Lords and those who knew how to properly wield or create one.

Sith Amulets were constructed for a variety of purposes by Sith Alchemists. Each amulet had a specific purpose, and some were even made to trap and lure Light Jedi to the Dark Side of the Force. Sith Amulets greatly enhanced the force capabilities of the wielder by a variety of ways, but the most common being drawing upon his/her inner strength, resulting in potent devices indeed.

One common type of talisman that was consructed by Sith Alchemists was an amulet of concentration. These devices assisted the user in focusing his or her concentration more easily to achieve a desired effect, and allowing them to tap into greater amounts of Dark Side energies. This proved very helpful during long and involved processes and rituals, and is a very helpful tool even in creating other talismans. This type of talisman has a major drawback indeed; the user will suffer from complete exhaustion immediately after the desired effect is achieved, which makes this device impracticle during battles.

Another effect of some Sith Talismans is called ensnarement. To a Dark Sider these amulets function the exact same way as a concentration device, but to a Light Sider its a whole different story. Sith Magicians had taken notice to some Jedi using Sith Talismans to serve the Light Side of the Force, and to counter this undesired misuse of their devices, they devised a way to charge the amulets with manu designed to instantly lure a Light Sider to the Dark Side of the force upon wielding the object. This became an effective deterrent for misuse of their devices, and Sith Talismans were soon outlawed for use by Light Sidersever since.

Another type of Sith Amulet, even though usage of these devices has become increasingly less and less, is that of healing. Created during the days of Naga Shadows Sith revolt, pureblood Sith devotees who hoped to bring an advantage to their side of the battlefield. Even though these talismans drastically increase a being’s natural healing process, the cost of such intercention is great indeed. Use of these talismans weekens the users ability to use the Force.

Sith Magicians quickly discovered that any type of use of the Force could easily be detected by others. When the Forces energies are tapped into by a Jedi, subtle ripples in the Force are sent out naturally by the user and can be sensed by others with the ability and training to detect them. These ripples could reveal the location and identity of the Force-using individual, thus inadvertantly alarming their opposition of their presence and ambitions. Sith Magicians soon developed counter-ripples to cancel these natural disturbances in the Force and utilized them in a device called a Force Mask. With these devices, a Force wielders “waves” are countered by the device, therefore allowing his presence to be undetectable, even by the most accute of Jedi.

Perhaps one of the most “basic” and widely used of Sith devices, the Shield Talisman protects its wielder from energy and Force attacks. The commonly accepted theory about the method in which this device works is that it absorbs and traps the energies directed at it and stores it for it’s own source of energy. An infusion of energy must be applied to the talisman at least once per standard week for it to retain its ability to work.

Various other uses for Sith Talsimans have been documented and catalogued by the Jedi, but their descriptions are too lengthy to be placed here.

Amulet Construction:

Only the most skilled of Alchemists can ever hope correctly create a Sith Amulet, for its magic is dangerous and even the slightest miscalculation could result in disaster and possible death of the Alchemist. The construction of a Sith Amulet is a long and drawn out process, and requires complete isolation and utmost concentration on the part of the Alchemist. Any form of disturbance could be prove fatal. The necessary materials for constructing a Sith Amulet are few, but they are very rare and can only be used if found in perfect condition. Some materials can be synthetically processed, but the process itself is just as long and as involved as the construction of the actual amulet itself. The main components of a Sith Amulet are metal alloys and crystals, but not just any crystal will do. Only a pure and perfect crystal will be able to channel the energies necessary to make a Sith Amulet effective, and these crystals are a rarity indeed. Only a few worlds are known to have harbored these types of crystals; worlds such as Adega and Korribun. The metals needed must simply be pure and intainted.

The actual construction of the Amulet is a very lengthy process. All of the timing must be right and the materials necessary must be in perfect condition. It is also of utmost importance that the alchemist seclude himself from all possible disturbances during the entire process or the train of thought could be lost and would have to be repeated from the beginning. A concentration device is a useful object in assisting the alchemist in constructing a talisman.

The first step in the process is the sterilization and purification of all the materials involved in the construction process of the Sith Amulet. All raw metals are to be melted and seperated/mixed in the proper proportions in order to achieve the desired types of alloys necessary. A large cauldron is ideal for this type of work, and a sterilized environment is essential. All jewels and crystals used must be polished and cut in perfectly symmetrical shapes to allow the maximum amount of energies to be channeled and stored within them. Synthetic jewels and crystals may be used in the construction of Sith Amulets, but these items MUST be perfect in every aspect, symmetrically and atomically, and the must be cut perfectly.

The most common forms of Sith Talismans are amulets, medallions, or necklaces that can easily be worn around ones neck to allow the hands to be free during the rituals and battles that they are used in. The shape and fashion of the Talisman are entirely up to the alchemist in charge. The usual method is inlay a crystal or jewel within a metal mold partially surrounding it in order to give support for the donning of the device. The Sith Rune of bonding must be inscribed upon the amulet during the construction accompained by the rune of the desired effect of the device.Upon the completion of the physical aspects of the device, the Sith Spell of bonding must be repeated ritually upon the device once at dawn and once at dusk for 3 days by a Sith Magician, and the magician must also fast during this period or the entire process will be destroyed. The talisman is than hung around the neck with a small chain or other similar device.