In the years of explaining the interactions of all living things and their connection to the dark side, I have leaned towards designing new words where old ones lack precision. The Terminology will define all word-inventions that I see myself drawn to use.

Relative truth

A relative truth results from a personal point of view, f. eg. The Vietnam conflict was a good/bad decision.

Absolute truth

An absolute truth is independent from the personal point of view, f. eg. A bullet at short range will kill you.

The gifted

Humans born with a potential allowing them to interact with the force.

The dark knight

1. Sith Knight, 2. Theory of dark apprenticeship. Contains the aspects of : knight, armor, sword, shield.

The armor

Aspect of the dark knight theory. Components: outward mask, mundane power.

The Sword

Aspect of the dark knight theory. The actual usage of force powers.

The mask

Psychological filter. Used to protect the consciousness of the self or others.

The inside mask

Psychological filter. Used to protect the self from unwanted information.

The outside mask

Psychological filter. Used to hide information from others.

The second heart

Spiritual point in the body at stomach height. Sesoric point of intuition and instinct. Physically around the Solar Plexus, and linked to that Chakra.


When meditating a knight stands feeling his hatred flowing through him. It is a technique to strengthen the dark emotions flowing through him. Goal of this technique is to feel your dark emotions and draw them through your body upwards, until they surpass your head, engulfing you in an aura of darkness. Note, that this aura should be felt, as if you would be caring a dark fog or smoke of constant movement around you. Unlike asian meditation where you try to free yourself from emotion, this form of meditation is used to strengthen the emotional part of your consciousness.

– Moor