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The knight is born with his goals and strategy to achieve those goals. Now he must study his surroundings. On the one hand he wishes to understand the rules of society that have appeared to him as laws for so long. To understand this, you must first realize that social interaction is a game and not a reality. We were or are all young, we know that every school class has the greatest boy and the prettiest girl. We notice the hierarchy of this. We are forced to take our place as dictated by the group, depending on how well we befit their demands of a certain physical appearance and a certain social behavior concerning a striving towards given goals.

We watched the hierarchy of girls, ruled by looks, by being with the cheerleaders, by being the girl friend of a certain guy with a certain rank in the social subculture. How much money she has, what kind of clothing she wears. But when you listen to what they speak of you will notice that they talk about all kinds of topics, but never does anyone ask: Who are we? What is there to know? What exists behind that which we perceive as reality? Not only to achieve power to control our surroundings and to change our stand in this subculture, but especially to search for knowledge in the plain desire of wishing to know and to understand.

When we look at the boys, usually the one with the strongest muscles or the best looks rules. Usually they make rank by behaving stupid in class, by playing football, by having a good looking girl friend, buy telling how many women they have fictionally slept with, by carrying on how they are going to get someone for something. But do they ever speak of true values? Of honor, of having real principles that don�t change as soon as someone decides that something new is now cool? Do they ever appear as if they would die for something they truly believe…We all know the answer. And this is the reality we are caught in. Where the mass suffers on account of pseudo rule making. We see no way to change these things for we perceive it as reality. Yet that is a mistake. A dark knight must look into the face of truth. He must look at himself and decide why he has the ranking he does. He must decide what he wants and he must find out how to achieve this with the subtlety of a mastermind. And here begins the study of our society. What rules exist, what happens if I do this? Which reaction will result from it? What interactions exist? What rules? And then you begin to construct your theories on this subculture. Be hard to yourself, be ruthless towards yourself, be mindful and always seek the face of truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. For this is the path of the strong. When the knight has built and tested his theories, when he has reconstructed and tuned them, he will have an instrument of mundane power. And with this power he can achieve the social peace he needs to turn towards other studies. But always keep in mind, that mundane power is the first of armor. It is the offensive part of the mask you carry towards the countenance of the world. And all weapons are to be collected, sharpened and used when it helps you to achieve your goal.

When examining a certain sheep, you will notice the mask that they carry around with them. The mask is what a human wishes another human to see. It is to secure our privacy and to make sure that no one comes closer to you than you would prefer at any moment. It is to hide the fear of the sheep. And the sheep carry these masks towards the inside, meaning that they hardly ever have knowledge of it. Granted, they know to a slight degree if they are making small talk or if they are talking about something truly important to them. Yet, the mask is also what protects them from thinking about mystical aspects, what protects them against feeling afraid. It is what would make them not believe you if you told them you had mystical power or knowledge. And it is what holds them a spiritual prisoner. It is what allows or forces them to live their little lives and to never think of anything truly greater than themselves.

The dark knight, by aiming towards self recognition and balance destroys this inner mask. He frees himself from it allowing him to perceive reality on a broader scale. Yet there is one aspect of the mask that shows value. The aspect of hiding that which is behind it. A warrior caries an outward mask, meaning that he, in full recognition of the functionality of a mask, tunes his behavior towards outsiders that have no right to his personal thoughts. It is the acting in everyday life to allow the sheep to believe that you are one of them, for the truth would make the heard nervous and cause aggression against you. And while the sheep are weak, there are many of them. The greater your understanding of society the better your acting will be. The more perfect your mask is the easier can you implement your will under the usage of your understanding of society. Until you easily fit into any subculture, leading the sheep to fulfill your desires.

Together they meld to the armor of the warrior. To hold off all that is unappreciated and to help shield him from his opponents.