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Man has seen a millennium of religion and belief, decorating civilization during his evolution throughout the halls of time. What is true? What is false? What exists within the universe and what is merely an illusion constructed by our own fears of insignificance? Gods have appeared and faded throughout the balance of mystical belief and the epoch of physics. Yet when we are alone and when we gaze towards the sky we feel a slight breeze chill our soul at the indescribable premonition of there being more to the universe as can simply be described by the cold vacuum of mathematics and geometry. And while we know of the attempt of man’s logical tools to describe a past of phenomena, we all realize as an absolute truth, that these tools lack the dimension needed to truly grasp the rules behind the mist. Today we gaze towards a large number of magic’s, presented to man on a numerous scale of world views. Yet, engraved with numerous names for the different sources of power, we have come together on this site in the belief that all powers in the last stance, originate from the same source of power; the mystical secret of the universe to enlighten those on the path of knowledge in denial to the logical tools of man: that which we have come to describe as the force.

As our ancestors, so do we strive towards the mystical heritage of man and search the depth of our souls for the answers that will lead us to understanding, power and enlightenment. We have come to recognize that different paths can lead to the same goal. Each of these paths shows advantages and disadvantages, but none is greater than the other on an objective scale of thought. What allows us to decide for one of the three defined paths of light, darkness and the shadows, lies in the substance of our ghost and soul. It is the aspect of self that decides on a subjective scale of view, which path to choose. We are all the same, yet we are different. And thus the first step to hearing the whispers of the universe lies within our capability to hear the whispering of our own souls.

We are born as children. Children are given a set of moral and ethical views with which they are to view their surrounding. These views are the sum of experiences of our race and are given to use to be able to interact with our society. The important detail, is to see these views as a guideline but not as an absolute truth. Many of our parents have taught us views towards society and religion that they no longer believe on account of their personal experience. And yet they teach us what is ‚commonly‘ appreciated as to assure our integration with humanity. The process of life allows us to gather new experiences and thus our views are changed. Yet, the question is to what degree can these views that were given to us be wrong? Assuming that there would be a general right and wrong to a view or truth. As for an example, I am sure that there are many people who would easily describe our force community as flawed by misconception. Yet if the person working at your local bank sees your views as wrong, would you be inclined to regret and refocus your perspective? Probably not. Yet man has taken a course of logic and neglected his focus on the mystical. He has turned away from intuition and instincts and decided to use his mathematical tools to understand his environment. Thus alone our presence on this site shows us to have strayed away from a common view of the universe. And this is the first obstacle on the path of self balance. The bank employee does not impress you to reconsider your path, yet what if it were a friend? What if it was your partner? What if most of your friends cling to their predefined view of reality? What if almost all mankind does so? We have all made the experience that we lack the ability to broadly communicate with our surroundings on this matter. Most people don’t believe in an alternative view, since it is much easier for them to cope with their fears when they believe to have a maximum of control over their environment. To belief in the mystical means to add new variables. It means to admit, ‚in the end, I know less than I dreamed to know‘. And this frightens man. And thus they will not consider this aspect of possibility, since it would make them feel more insecure than before. This is the reason they will explain to you why you should see things the way they do, for it will reassure their views to be stated as ‚correct‘, while you were simply ‚wrong‘. A wanderer on the path of enlightenment, determined to go an uncertain path bearing an uncertain reward must decide in favor of his courage and serenity when following his path. Lest he only follow the desire for additional knowledge, but decline the price to be paid. Most people who hesitate in the moment of mystical consideration stop at this point. They decide that the price of spiritual loneliness, of misunderstanding when interacting with their surroundings is too much to bear. It allows their fear and insecurity to rise and at this point, the person unconsciously decides if he is of the sheep or of the wolf. The sheep have an easy life. They exist on a field of grass and live together in herds. They might wander a mile in one direction or the other, yet they are contempt at having one another and only secondarily discovering their surroundings. Thus being the price for the security of a community. On the other side we recognize the wolf in this example. I will speak of the first wolf to understand his own existence as to befit my example. The wolf is born and of a different substance. The wolf feels his urge to wander and so he passes through the land, discovering his environment and searching for others of his kind. The wolf wanders to the top of a hill and sees a herd of sheep in the valley. He gazes towards the sheep, noticing how they live in herds and watches them move. He sees how they wander a mile in one direction or the other and how they eat the grass, always looking down and only seldomnly gazing towards each other and thus understands their nature. He decides that they are something different and wanders closer to investigate them further. After slowly moving closer, he hesitates once more. For he sees the heard near a pond. He is unsure if it was merely a light reflection, yet he believes to have seen something strange. He recognizes another wolf within the depth of the heard. Slightly confused, yet glad to see a member of his kind he wanders over to the wolf. The sheep grow restless as the wolf comes closer and the heard opens to reveal the second wolf. The first wolf walks up to the second and watches the second with his tail between his legs eat the grass as do the sheep. “Greetings, brother“, speaks the first of wolves.

The second gazes up, slightly confused and takes a step back, noticing that a wolf has neared him.

“Why do you step back from me, brother?“, asks the first of wolves. The second wolf looks slightly confused and speaks, “Why do you call me brother, wolf? I am not like you, I am a sheep like the others.“ The first of wolves, with his tail high grows further in his confusion, “What do you mean, brother? You are a wolf. How can you think to be of the sheep?“ “I was born within the heard, wolf. I have always been a sheep, as my parents before me.“, speaks the cowardly wolf.

The first of wolves ponders the situation and his gaze wanders towards the pond, “Look into the water, brother. Then you will see that you are of my kind and not of the sheep.“ The second lowers his head again to continue his meal of grass, “I do not need to look into the water, for I would only see my reflection. The same face I see in the sheep around me. I do not need to look. I am of the sheep.“

“And what of the grass you eat, brother? Wouldn’t a sheep be more to your liking?“, says the first wolf in vain.

The second gazes towards him in fear and speaks with a quavering voice “No.“, he lied, “I have always eaten grass and I know no other. To desire a sheep is against the law.“ The first of wolves watches the second as he nervously looks around. The other sheep are seemingly oblivious to what matters are being discussed here. “Yet you have considered eating one of the sheep, haven’t you?“, spoke the first. The second dropped his tail further with a look of great guilt on his soul, “No, I would never think such a thing. And it would be appreciated if you leave us, for you are making the heard nervous.“

The first of wolves is engulfed by a silent moment of loneliness. Knowing that he is not of the sheep and has no heard. And knowing that his brother is also not of his kind. The first of wolves slowly turns, leaving his brother behind, hearing the second of wolves trying himself in a accord of ‚bah‘. The other sheep acknowledge this sound, yet the first of wolves knows, that the second can not communicate with them, no matter how hard he tries.

Only the wolf that acknowledges his existence can understand the self. Lest he be blinded by his surroundings.

To use the powers of the force means to be of the wolf, or rather, to be born with a magical gift allowing this interaction. A man without this gift can study the force, as he can study any human knowledge. He can argument within the boundaries of logic, but he is excluded from the true depth of understanding. Some statistics I have raised, on the grounds of a given character similarity and other mystical and psychological studies has shown me a gifted person of the force to exist in a ratio of 1:50.000 to humankind. Yet, those of the wolf that have the courage and serenity to face the truth of their existence reduce this ratio to 1:5.000.000. Those between are born with a gift allowing them to feel different; to view differently towards their surroundings, and to know within the depth of their person that there is a truth behind the view of mystics. Yet they lack the courage to pay the price of serenity and therefore live with the sheep. These loses can be traced to the given moral and ethical views of our surroundings during childhood from our parents and given to us by our surroundings themselves. Thus a seeker must battle victorious against his own fear to follow the path of the force, regardless of the personal force aspect.

When this first step has been taken and the gifted user has cut the thread between himself and others, can the gifted commence to study themselves as the greatest potential for understanding they have at that time. They must now start to remove all the clamps chaining their body and must rediscover what they truly and personally believe. Some views will be kept, for the view they were taught and the view they believe are identical. Yet many people will discover that what they are truly inclined to believe differs greatly from what society expects them to see, to believe and to feel.

Many people, while discovering their souls, instincts and emotions, come to realize that they are darker than they had admitted towards themselves up this point. There is a desire to enjoy. There is an enjoyment in things shunned by society and unmoral behavior. There is a desire to raise the self before others. There is a lust for revenge. A hatred towards those of the sheep who trap our brothers and sisters and who rule our world, in which they state there is no place for us. There is the wish for conflict. To prove those who are weak and commend those who are strong. And then we ponder over these inner desires, if this is what we are, in a viewed moment of truth. Is this not the path we should follow? Granted, that we must control our desires for every society has its ways of punishing those who think differently. We must be mindful, for the farther we wander off from what this society would consider ‚normal‘, the greater the chance of being discovered will be. To be discovered might only mean to lose your influence over your surrounding. To be discovered might also mean to be ‚corrected‘ under the usage of government power. At the beginning of this path should an apprentice of the dark side or dark knight, as I would call any gifted user to embrace his darker half and stand up for it in serenity before the self, learn to hide this mental morphosis behind a mask of ‚normality‘. You may feel free to test otherwise, but you will quickly note that you only harvest disadvantages from it. Try to be as you were before you made your first step towards others. Yet your thoughts are free and your own. With no one given any right to punish you for them. Thus, the dark apprentice turns away from society. He no longer cares if he is wearing the correct clothing or likes the same things as his friends or as he is pressured to. While discovering the self , the dark knight notices the growing desire for power and knowledge. And based on these reasons for revenge, lust for power or on account of what he sees when he gazes into his soul, he turns to the dark side. His desire for knowledge draws him towards his path and his willingness to crush those who try to stand in his way details him. First we will gaze towards the knight, the heart and the soul of this divine will. The knight must face every truth, must gaze into the depth of the self and discover who he is. He must do this to achieve a balance of self. If there is no balance there is no knowledge and no power. Do not try to be what you are not, be what you are and be it gladly. Stand before humanity and proclaim your might before them. Proclaim your serenity and dive into the dark waters of emotion. Scan the depth of your darkness and allow it to flow through you. But be a perfectionist. Demand the most you can give, allowing your hate and rage to flow freely together with your lust and your demand for power, yet always be mindful. Never underestimate an opponent, no matter how simple he appears. To underestimate an opponent is a strategic failure and can not be tolerated. See yourself as your central weapon. Sharpen your mind and fill it with knowledge to aid you in your battle. Study strategy and tactics. Ponder over the phrases of Sun Tzu and elaborate on the scriptures of Machiavelli. Consider what they say you should do and what you do in everyday life. Find your mistakes and correct your views. Only when your mind achieves fundamental perfection can the knight reign supreme. Be ruthless towards yourself. This is the first of enemies: the mortal flesh and spirit. Mortals are weak, they quickly suffice when they have done half the job. Throw off the chains of imperfection and demand the ultimate functionality of every theory and construct; of every idea and strategy. Work on yourself until you have done all that you can at this time and then turn towards the world.