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Voiced by Amazon Polly

We who carry the Keys forward are considered as Victors of the Sword of Darkness. We seek the power of the Force and ally ourselves with it, drawing it into our very beings until our stature rises unto greatness. Our task is to learn and do and teach. Our reward is to be a Victor of the Sword of Darkness and to inherit our portion of the All. Now, why would we need a sword? Does that imply that we are warriors? Further, if we are warriors, is there a war? Of course there is. We are involved in that age-old spiritual war with those who would enslave us, and we aim to win that war

The war of which we speak is that ancient and fierce battle between the Children of the Darkness and the opposition – those who carry the cross of submission and failure upon their backs and would have us share their load. We are spiritual warriors who fight off ignorance and refuse to submit to alien concepts which are against our nature.We discourage submission and ignorance and try to raise ourselves to greater heights. When we can fend off imbalance, we do so. We remain secure in the grand knowledge that though an ant can’t kill a buffalo, an army of ants can sure eat one.

But that is not all. We work in cooperation with the Force and our past adepts so we never walk alone. Neither are we alone when trying to move the Rock of Stupidity out of the road as many hands make the work light. However, to move the rock one must first see it, and that is why we try to gather all of the wisdom and knowledge we can. Then by raising our own mental and spiritual sights, we can better see the stumbling block that threatens our way. Next, when we learn to see our own way clear. This is often very hard work as many of the family of man won’t listen and insist upon tripping anyway. Here is wisdom: although we choose to take responsibility for our own actions, we never take responsibility for others. After all, it’s their rock, and they can do with it as they choose.

We are aware that we live in the Realm of Choices where confusion and chaos reign. Therefore, we consider well each of them. When there is just one water hole, we seldom stir up its mud. So it is that clear thinking is paramount to clear seeing and clear seeing is tantamount to clear understanding. Therefore, one of the first lessons a warrior learns is to clear his mind of errant thoughts so he can assess what he sees. Later, he learns how to look at what he sees, the better to understand, and later still, he learns to focus what he sees for his own benefit.

– Paimon