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The process of the armor is a steady process that evolves throughout the life of a knight. It is a weapon and therefore it must be kept and cared for. Yet that which the knight desires is the point of self balance and understanding when first his force powers appear. As with the process of tuning the self to balance and further tuning one�s understanding to rule over his mundane surroundings, such is the process of discovering the powers that lie within.

As mentioned, the dark knight is an emotional being. He attains balance to then further his dark side to engulf his soul and therefore nurture it with darkness to grow in strength and insight. When meditating (cross check Terminology) a knight stands feeling his hatred within him. It is a technique to strengthen the dark emotions flowing through him. Goal of this technique is to feel your dark emotions and draw them through your body upwards, until they surpass your head, engulfing you in an aura of darkness. Note, that this aura should be felt, as if you would be carrying a dark fog or smoke of constant movement around you. When you have reached this state and can feel your dark emotions radiating from your body, you slowly draw an emotion of pure evil from the second heart upwards. The second heart is a term invented by our order. It is placed around stomach height, sometimes it can be felt in the region of the lower stomach. This is the spot where you feel your intuition, when trying to ponder on a subject on the ground of intuition you will recognize the spot. The darkness is traditionally drawn from below, since the ground is often the strongest source of nature in the vicinity. This meditating practice should be done every day to attune your body and mind to it. As with all things using your gift can be seen as using any other muscle in your body. The more you use it the better you become. If you tend to use it only once in a while, or with long breaks containing several weeks, you will notice how it becomes more difficult again. This technique is the basic step before using any force power. It should be taken very seriously. It should be practiced every day, about 15 minutes is sufficient.

The principle of discovering new force powers, when not personally taught to you by some one else, is to initiate the meditation. You will notice many different emotions flowing through you. The mixture of dark emotions and intuition breeds a soft wind, allowing your thoughts to circle around you.. A knight must first decide which power he wishes to learn. An important formula here is: Power + Technique = Force Result. You can achieve any imaginable result if you have enough power. Yet power is most often limited. When using a high technique or skill, you will only have to add a minimum of power. Of course, there are many results that can not be achieved for a lack in the additional sum. A second rule is common sense. The more subtle or invisible a force power is, the lower the additional sum. An example: feeling the emotions of another sentient being is easier than shooting lightning at someone. While both are possible, feeling emotions can be learned quicker than shooting lightning and should be preferred at the beginning. By all acknowledgement for our desire of absolute power, every force power learned shows you more insight towards the force. When the knight has decided on a certain force power he wishes to achieve, he must stay with it. When inventing new powers it can take up to one year to master them. If you try different things during the same period you will be slower than if you did them after one another. With the power you wish to achieve, you must now commence understanding it�s principle. While in meditation, consider what you wish to achieve. Allow the dark wind to circle your thoughts, emotions and intuition until they become a form of premonition, being slowly carried into place in the mental construct of your theory. You will have to �feel� your way and slowly discover how different aspects interact. Interaction is the key of understanding. And this is where a further rule grasps: Understanding and power come hand in hand. There is none without the other. While this rule might seem simple, you will realize the depth to it as you continue down your path of darkness.

The explained process will allow you to slowly adapt new powers. Yet realize this, we all know when we face our inner truths, that we wish for it to work. And this desire for a power to function can lead us into alluding ourselves if we are weak enough to allow it. Therefore it is always important to remain humble before the countenance of the dark side. If you do not worthy this relationship to the dark side of the force it will destroy you. If you remember your place and insignificance before the countenance then it will be a powerful master and ally. With some force powers it will be possible to statistically support the outcome, showing you if you are advancing towards a true and reliable power, or if you have followed a thread that requires too much power for your momentary situation, noting that your power will continuously grow from the point of your quest.

When following the threads of powers you can not support in this manner, you will have to rely on your intelligence, humbleness and caution. If you fail, the dark side will crush you, making your existence more miserable than even that of the sheep. Always bear this in mind. Yet, you must also be prepared to believe that you have this gift and that you can succeed. For if you doubt yourself you will live as a wolf trapped among the sheep. It is a difficult path. Yet the reward is more than I could describe in words.