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“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

You have often heard those around you speak of the universe. They believe that they are speaking of everything that there is, as if the universe were all-encompassing. The universe is but the physical part of reality – the stars and planets, the creatures and objects found therein.

We also see the world of spirit which exists side by side with physical reality, overlapping it and occupying the same space. The physical and the spiritual – all that is natural, supernatural, all hopes, dreams and possibilities. This is the force users understanding of reality. An understanding that allows a Force user to bend reality to their will for all things are already possible though not everything is easy to bring into being in the mundane reality of our Earth.

All of those things are threads in the mystic weave called the Tapestry. This tapestry is a metaphor for the complex interweaving of all physical, spiritual and intellectual elements. Together they form a wondrous, magickal fabric which is ever changing and growing. Much of the basis of Magick comes from this image of a great Tapestry; we cast spells which weave reality to visions, creating new patterns and altering old ones. We speak of ley lines, sometimes called Gaia�s ribbons, the primal threads that flow across the face of our Earth. We locate Nodes or Power spots, the meeting places where ley lines come together and one thread is tied to another forming the strong knots of that are the basis of our Tapestry. All the different threads are interwoven to make a whole. Our Tapestry is never finished for the weaving continues as we move forward.

The physical world both shapes the spiritual one and is shaped by it in return, like the warp and woof of any fabric. All things are a part of both worlds. To deny one or the other unravels the tapestry and leads to our own unmaking.

– Paimon