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Control enables a harmonious containment of energy characteristic of present centeredness. It allows energy to flow freely in the Direction desired. This dynamic is often measured in terms of constant inner control.


Discipline Consists of a marked ability to access and analyze strong and weak points in the environment, in others, and in yourself. It allows you to harness energy and it cultivates strength. The discipline of the Dark warrior is the ability to remain vigilant, even under the most stressful conditions.


Patience is forbearance without laxness. It gives you the capacity to listen and wait. your silence grants you access to deeper knowledge, silent knowledge. It provides balance to keep other traits in check. As a result, the force moves Quietly within and without smoothly creating the circumstances you intent sets in motion. Without it you resurface into the ways of the sheep, with it you find power.


Balance requires you to tune yourself to the natural rhythms of the force. In doing so you maintain your balance of self with your environment, letting you blend in with your surroundings never seeming out of place.


Success in any endeavor results from proper accumulation and use of personal energy. The essence of becoming a warrior is, trimming and shaping your life to the natural currents of the force by reducing unnecessary expenditures of energy. Activating your will.


Unrestricted determination marks this trait. It is boldness without recklessness, command without arrogance, and is a basic premise of the Sith Way.


Cunning involves examining a situation so you may get what you want without warping someone’s energy. Aiming for accuracy, you study the features of a situation and the forces influencing your battleground. You remain prepared and innovative. You need to know where you are headed and what you want to accomplish. Furthermore, cunning involves using the art of deception without being deceived. Without it you have to rely on other peoples assessments and conclusions. With it you develop resourcefulness and adaptability.


To balance ruthlessness and cunning you present a likeable facade. However this sweetness often belies that you have no pity. Without being condescending, you have cold, calculating eyes.

– Paimon