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Waking up

The way of the Dark is to learn, practice, do and then teach. Each adept is by necessity a student, a craftsperson, and an advisor. Each transaction strengthens us and brightens our awareness and store of wisdom and knowledge in its own particular way. The more we give, the more we get, and the greater grows our legacy. Practice makes perfect, and we all have goals in sight. However, it often takes a while to achieve them. Therefore, all Dark adepts are taught the value of the three Ps. They are revered by all as Prudence, Patience, and Perseverance. Prudence helps separate the wise man from the fool as the prudent adept thinks out their actions before doing them.

Sometimes, it is best to let the sleeping dog lie; other times, it is prudent to run it off. Patience is the slow but sure crafting of a desired state, setting up the pins squarely in front of the ball, proceeding neither too quickly nor too slowly, allowing the energy to build.

Perseverance is the ability to keep on trying even though failure is at first encountered. If one key fails to open the lock, try another key. Often, the value of a given success is measured by the number and diligence of the attempts required to gain it, and each attempt then, is a tread on the stairway to victory. However, as a sister matures, and the Force builds within her, fewer and fewer valiant attempts are necessary. One of the great secrets of success is to read the message written upon your heart and harken to its meaning.

Expanding horizons

OK, the first thing to do is start a journal. All budding adepts and the experienced ones too, keep a daily record of where they are at and where they are going and what they did when they got there. Not only that, but they also keep notes upon how they could have handled their various situations better. All this helps to fine hone the art of perception and broaden the Circle of Awareness. Here, you will keep all that you learn of the force and the lessons that you learn in the mundane world. The journal also answers many questions such as: why did I win or lose in this attempt? Read your journal and you will know. Remember: all endings have a beginning and a middle. It is the order or chain of events that ensue that produce an ending. Endings may be changed. Start your “Black Book” now, or you will surely wish you had.

Stumbling blocks

It is often said that a person should know his or her limitations. However, we don’t have to be carried away with them. Many of our limitations really belong to someone else. Take time to list your limitations in your journal. Just jot them down as you encounter them or they encounter you. Once you have your list of limitations, ask yourself from whence each one came. Chances are that you will have learned most of them from other persons who taught them to you. Once you realize that a limitation is really someone else’s limitation, you can cross it off your list, for it doesn’t really belong to you. See, your load is getting lighter already.

However, the majority of us will probably still have a few limitations left even after returning those that belong to others, so a portion of your Dark adept’s training will of necessity deal with ridding yourself of those few left on your list. This is an early step in the process of awareness. When we are free of limitation, we are free of fear. Then when we are free of fear, we can remove our heads from the sand and take a close look at what is around us. More than that, we can do more than wait for something to happen to us. Yes, we can take steps to change endings. In fact, we may shuffle things around and create endings much more to our liking. However, before we begin making changes, we must first learn to see their outcomes. Remember, the Rock of Stupidity is large, but we may still trip over it if we can’t see it.

– Paimon