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Now the time has come to interact with the manifold powers of the force. We will begin with the ‘reading of emotions’. Read the following slowly and thoroughly. Try to realize the meaning of each step. Reread the text if you are unsure as to the procedure.

To control man, means to understand his desires. While logic and observation shows you basic behavior patterns of an individual, they lack perfection, for they are assumptions in the end. While a mindful assumption can suffice to control a weaker victim, there are those enemies that are too powerful or wise to be simply manipulated by a transfer of personal experience. The path of intrigue and manipulation is a path most highly underestimated by the light side. Yet many of those who see themselves as pure in heart, have only come to hide their darker sides. Perhaps they have buried them in a grave of principle, yet if they are there, then they can be found and exploited. And even if you should meet with an enemy truly pure in heart and mind with no desires to exploit, such individuals are often surrounded by loved ones that lack this complete control over their darker sides. I have fought some battles in the past. Some of them were against foes superior in their strength towards the force. But a powerful body is nothing when it lacks the mind to understand the infinite combinations of movement. Intrigue and patience can allow the strongest guardian of light to sink on his knees, if his beliefs of the good in all men blinds his capabilities to protect them. For while he may be able to protect them from you, he can not protect them from themselves.

We begin with the meditation technique as described in lesson three. Our stage will be a cafe or bar, a place where many people are, where you can sit down and have the possibility of studying others around you. In the beginning it is best to see the eyes of your victim. Later, when you have gained some mastery over this power, it will no longer be necessary. Initiating the meditation technique in a public surrounding requires a practised hand. This is why one should practice the meditation every day, as that this new ‘muscle’ can be applied at your command. A will have to apply a victim example. We will invent two girls, around 16-18 years of age, Sherry and Melissa. Will will state them to both have an acceptable, physical appearance. From what we can see in a glance is that Melissa is rambling on, speaking of some experience or idea, while Sherry silently stirs her coffee, without looking up. We further state that you have a good view from a different table, several feet away. It is a quiet day, so there are not many people walking through your view, yet enough as to be inconspicuous while watching them.

Now we commence.

We close our eyes, perhaps with a hand on our forehead, to allow the assumption that we have a head ache. Or we gaze towards a wall, yet not really seeing it.

We allow our anger to rise, our hate. Be it of it’s own nature or be it while we deepen our anger to a certain fact, something that has made us angry in the past to help us build up our anger. The anger grows and leads to hate of a certain person or thing. The hate strengthens, further and further, perhaps with pictures of what you would do to that thing or person if it was now next to you. Deeper, and deeper, we induldge into our hate. Slowly we generalize our hate. Not only that certain person is despicable, but all who share his opinion. We think of another fraction we hate for similar reasons, the hate growing in strength but also in generalization, loosening its grip towards a certain target and leading us into a pure state of existence.

Now, we slowly allow evil to creep into our bodies. From down below, the ground, or the second heart it rises, stronger and stronger, pure and eternal, does it slowly rise through our body. Our sentient presence moves beyond the limits of our physical bodies. The fog or smoke engulfing our bodies. The evil rises slowly through our stomach to our chests. The surge of dark winds moving around our body. There are no barriers, the flesh can not limit your existence. Evil rises on the back of the dark winds containing your power, your hatred, the truth to your existence, the key to your soul. It rises past the chest expanding to the sides and the above. The fog grows denser. It surpasses the head up to about two feet above your body. You no longer feel your surroundings. You are the fog. The fog is you. The constant movement of the fog states your emotions, your desire to destroy, the demanding of limitless evil. And then you look at Sherry, stirring her coffee. You hate her. You despise her with your very existence. You despise her because of her very existence. You passively note the presence of others around you, but you are no longer part of them. You are not of the same existence and you see them as insects behind glass. You allow your emotions to flow towards Sherry, demanding to move through her. You allow the fog, as part of your sentience to move towards her and engulf her from all sides. You strengthen your hatred and let go of your consciousness, being a sentience without an own body. The fog covers her entire body, every inch. At this time you might begin to feel every small movement she makes as if it were your own, yet strangely distant. The fog moves into her body, entering it through her eyes, mouth and nose. Concentrate on her head. And then the fog frictions from all sides, moving about half an inch into her body, as if you were tightening your clasp around her until there is no more room other than to move a bit into her. We hold this position, feeling her movement passively and we strengthen the evil within us. A second rising of evil from below, to strengthen the first flow is suggested. And then we let go, still, a bit further, and with a movement of eternal patience we feel for our second heart. At first we feel a movement, a pattern unlike the hatred and evil of the rest of your sentience. We feel every movement she makes when she makes it. We feel the slow current of her emotions leading to her every movement. We strengthen our hatred further, always feeling for the second heart. We demand that her secret be shown to us. And then we feel an emotion. At first, we feel several emotions. Different currents with different ‘tastes’ to them, moving in different directions with different speeds. Some of them are stronger than others, yet together they devise a pattern. We dive past the surface and into the depth of her feelings, searching for the key emotion. The emotion stronger than all others. We search and feel and we find…a sadness.

A sadness, we try to place this emotion and feel it might be sadness in the sense of a loss. Yet, it seems not to be a complete loss that is irrevocable. It is a sadness connected with fear. An uneasy feeling of a loss to come. Sherry glances around and looks at you, but you must not hesitate at this moment. Ignore it and you see that she looks away again. Not having obviously noticed that you are looking at her. She sighs and frowns slightly. We feel that her sadness deepens. We feel it is a sadness combined with fear and…pain. We feel the loss, the object of her sadness coming closer to the surface. It is love. Neglected love. Yet not in the tone of futility. She must partially have the subject of her love. A man, a man she has met, that she knows. A man that she has fallen in love with. A man that seemed to love her until…something. Something is not the way it should be with this man. He has neglected her. Offended her. He has given her doubt to their relationship. We search further. She has not lost him, yet she is unsure if she still ‘has’ him. A doubt. Another women? The possibility of another women. The possibility that his feelings have changed. Her fear of losing him. Her pain of losing her love. We see as her emotions move around. We feel how she considers her position. Her possibilities. But we feel that she is pessimistic. She feels herself incapable of changing the events to come. We feel no hatred. We understand that Sherry does not know her female competition. We feel her pain. How very deep that pain is. She thinks of him. We feel the emotions appearing, understanding what she loves in him and what not. We understand what she seeks in him. What she perhaps seeks in a man in general. We understand what type of man he might be. We can assume through our armor how this type of man probably thinks and feels. We understand the category he belongs to and have additional details. We understand Sherry. We understand what she seeks in a man. We understand what she would do for the man she loves. We understand how much control the man she loves has over her. We understand one of the keys to controlling her.

We allow the fog to pass towards Melissa, still rambling on about something not heard by Sherry. We dive into Melissa as described above. We see her interest in what she is telling Sherry. We feel that she knows that Sherry does not hear her, but Melissa does not mind. We feel sympathy and sorrow from Melissa towards Sherry’s situation. We feel the same fear in Melissa, that the man is lost. The fear is not as great as in Sherry, but it has the same subject. We understand that Sherry is not feeling sorry for herself and that the situation with this man seems to be serious. We feel how Melissa feels helpless to help Sherry. We understand what Melissa would do for a friend. We understand how strong Melissa sympathizes with the ones that are dear to her. We understand one of Melissa’s weaknesses. We understand the man to soon be lost and we know what type of man he probably is. We would have to see the man and read his emotions to be sure, but we have a first idea. The winds howl victorious. Their existence, so pathetic and trivial. Their desires unprotected towards our grasp. A surge of evil touches your predatory soul. You feel the power you have over the sheep. And thus, we release the two. We stand up and move towards them….

Perhaps we walk over to them and say, “You shouldn’t allow him to bring such sorrow to your soul. The loss is great. Yet you will see the lack of his worth. For if he truly understands your heart, and would be worth that which you are prepared to give him, could he never impale your affection with such indifference.”

And then we leave…

To meet her again.

To repair her relationship and allow her to owe you a favor.

To allow her to be your best friend.

To allow her to fall in love with you.

To take the man for yourself.

To be visited by her or Melissa. Wondering and wishing to know how you knew…

Feeling the emotions of others will allow you to perfectionize your armor. To use abstract constructs when evaluating behavior with a higher degree of detail. It will allow you to exploit those around you and bind those of your choice to seek your protection or friendship.

This is the scalpel of carving your closer environment.

This is the key to acquiring the women or man of your choice.

This is the key of understanding hidden desires, when scanning an individual on several occasions.

And that, will lead you to the key of corrupting their souls.

Practice this technique once a day. You will soon be able to induct it quite fluently in all possible situation.