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What holds us back from doing what is for our own good? Why are we addicted to the chores that unleash slavery upon ourselves? The test of Samael. He is no sphinx, you cannot persuade him to open the gates. Earn it or stand in this manifestation of purgatory for eternity waiting, until your dirty activities overcome you, and self destruction turns you into a blue goo sucked upon by snails, and your soul, your ‘qa’ goes along with it. Too weak to take off. To fly, to soar, to the heavens above where the next great adventure lies.

Everyone has addictions. Evolution engrained them upon our souls. Evolution caters for the need to survive. A safety net. What will work for even the dumbest and stupidest ape. The river takes the smoothest course. This is not the most direct, the most efficient, or even necessarily going in the right direction. Luckily addiction is an underrated activity. The addiction to prosperity, to study, to any of many activities can help our souls mature and nurture. Many addictions are habits that need to be broken. Self critique should reveal such to you. As your education continues far beyond the realms of this codex, you will find more and more addictions and habits of the soul that weaken you that you need to destroy one by one.

The addiction of company is a common disease of the soul. Due to human nature we thrive upon teamwork. It is part of human nature. But life operates in a pyramid structure. The herd of sheep. The pack of Wolves. The guild of farmers. With so many sheep talking the same language as you, even though fundamentally different, as dark scholars we can be incorporated into the herd. We feel we need the herd. With so many more sheep than wolves it is more likely we will first befriend sheep. And then we shall grow to learn the social structure and ideals of sheep. Weak, unambitious, self depriving protocol. Not a good thing.

Sex, food and popularity: a few of the few things wanted by sheep. And this is all they care about.

Dealing with this addiction requires creativity. First you need to work out ‘sheep protocol’ that is limiting your output in life. We have noted 3, and I shall discuss strategies of battling these 3 sprites.

Sex. Sex isn’t intrinsically bad. And I am not advocating people remove it from their lives for the sake of it. However, if your life involves spending mental energy on perversion rather than thought, or if sex ranks ridiculously high in your life priorities, like it does for a lot of people, self mastery of this weakness is required. Sex does have useful qualities and powers, but very few people are actually in charge of such things, and instead are simply a slave to their desires.

Let us examine what sex is. It is two beings doing an exercise. An exercise they look stupid doing. And they know this themselves deep down. If you have not heard a joke about ‘sex faces’, then you are probably too young to use this course. It is messy. It is smelly. Evolution granted us this. We do it to ease tension, to relax. It can remove headaches, stress etc, etc. It is a safety net measure. People have sex mostly for the orgasm. It feels good. It makes them happy. Momentarily. Maybe half an hour exercise, a few seconds pleasure.

A lot of people utilize sex for the relaxation purposes without knowing it. Many do it simply due to habit. Habits often more solidly engraved due to the hormone production of the body. If I use my muscles a lot, they grow faster. If I ejaculate a lot, I produce sperm faster. As to relaxation and easing tension, puberty can induce depression in human beings. Masturbation is an often utilized skill in the battle of depression without understanding of why it is.

Other methodologies to relax and ease tension exist, and many have added bonuses that sex doesn’t, as well as being cleaner. Research and learn. How does one research? Research is a form of education, and the only way of learning is through experience. You have to try, for a sufficient amount of time the vocational activity of choice before you judge it. And continue to research others throughout your life. Never give up, because you can always find a more efficient methodology. Some to look into are Taiji Quan, Qi Gong in general, writing, painting, Buddhist meditation, and depending on how you utilize them, martial arts in general.

Breaking the habit is often harder. Science has proved that nicotine is not addictive. And yet smoking is. Holding a little stick is a tremendous habit to break for many people. First rule is to rule yourself. You stop straight away. No “one more”, “one more day”, “’til the end of this week”, and so on. Days build up to form lifetimes. Give up there and then.

Another strategy in tackling libido, is celibacy. Do not ejaculate, and your body readjusts its internal systems. You do not spend the body’s productions, and so it does not create more. There is a mark, where if you pass you require sex such a small amount it is tolerable and ignorable. A natural side effect of celibacy is the lack of desire in regards to perversion. You stop desiring the activity. Another side effect for men, is that women become much more friendly if they work out you aren’t simply after one activity. I would also say that that many women who use the play hard to get strategy only do so because they subconsciously know themselves it would work on them.

The food one eats is often governed by others. From birth we are fed certain foods and get used to them. There are, no doubt, many meat eaters in the world, who if they tried vegetarianism, would despise the taste of meat afterwards. Fast food chains are all around, advertising via many means; attacking the conscious and subconscious mind with suggestions of their food’s supremacy.

The point of eating is not to satisfy what we like and dislike taste-wise, but to provide fuel to the body on many levels. It is a system of the human physiology to have cravings for food we need the nutritional benefits from. Due to the body’s nature though, we also get cravings from foods that we have addictions to, due to sheep protocol. If you have a craving for orange juice, most people will probably attain some orange juice and drink the orange juice. Chances are the marketed orange juice contained many things the body did not crave and that aren’t useful. People act like slaves to their impulses. If you crave orange juice, speculate why, what it is the body desires, and if it is a useful need, rather than a wasteful addiction, and accommodate this. Choose the purest orange juice, or the highest in vitamin C, the most diluted and so on. If what you need is simply the caffeine addiction from a certain brand you appreciate, ignore this. Eventually the poison that was the addiction will be worked out of your body. Though 7 years is required for total cleanliness. If what you need is the sugar content, try to find a more efficient method of attaining sugar in the diet, because if you lack the reserves and need such a high concentration of sugar quickly, your diet is probably not too stable and balanced. The man already armed has a distinct advantage over the man who has to make his weapon first. If you have not made your weapon and you are clever, you will hide from the man with a weapon until you have your weapon, for if he sees you as a threat early on and you have no weapon, he can squash you like a fly. If you are very clever you will hold down a cushion and quench the likely addiction to power you oppose.

Food types to examine and speculate upon? Everything. You may simply be left with fruit as a food source that is worthy, and a hard task will be in front of you to reach a nutritional diet of simple fruit, but that can be the nature of darkness.

One last sheep protocol to be looked at in this lecture: popularity.

People care about others’ opinions of them. And people who understand that they shouldn’t and attempt to tackle this often end up blanking them out completely, and attaining a persona of egotistical arrogance. They also can incite the fear of the herd. The herd itself cares about the opinions of others, and if others don’t care about their opinion, they feel lower. And that makes them feel weak. And feeling weak doesn’t appeal. Admitting weakness is something they don’t like to do, they’d rather live in ignorance of their weakness.

As such, it is a tricky topic to handle. Distancing yourself from the herd is not a good idea. If you want something from someone, you often have to play by their rules. Being arrogant is not a sin, and can be a useful feature. If we wish to be skilled though, our checklist of points is to still be able to communicate on an equal basis with the herd, and to be able to listen to others and to ourselves. Honesty is the skill needed to listen to oneself. Unfortunately, if you make a single mistake, the mind can rewire itself to remember and believe what didn’t happen, and then you will honestly believe you did something you didn’t, and involuntarily lie to yourself. Honesty is needed from the start. It is a better idea to be slightly too self critical than too happy with your power. Utilize mild paranoia over arrogance. Then even if you seem arrogant to others, who cares, because it is others’ opinions you are ridding yourself from. To complete the checklist a skill to use to communicate with the herd is a mask. Learn the skill of masking.

– Kissed by Shiva