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A person’s temple in the context about to be described is very important to the individual. It is the outside manifestation of his inner soul and all his hopes and desires. Creating an area and space screaming at his inner self to reflect upon all it is encountering within the temple and to absorb it, constantly strengthening one’s alignment in the conscious world with his inner self and desires. It is a framework, a stencil, a support to shape you on many levels into that which you wish to become.

Let us create the temple.

First we need an area to convert. The deeper and more personal the area, the more effective this shall be. The work office will be weaker than the personal bedroom, which will in turn be weaker than if one has the strength and ability to imprint upon his own body. Some people use hobby sheds, some people have self erected buildings for the mere purpose of being a temple, some people are horticultural in nature and have open spaces, gardens, wooden enclaves. There are many possibilities, and the one that most happily suits and correlates with your own personal preference will be the one that has the most succinct echoes of expression toward your soul.

Next we need to cleanse the area. The area can hold a lot of clutter, from the materialistic world, through to the mental realms and emotional baggage you have dumped there. In the case of a bedroom one will find a lot of emotional baggage, for this is the place many a person has at some point cried themselves to sleep, letting that tension disperse throughout the area; it is often an area one has locked themselves away in, to deal with their anger, and this demon’s residues may be lurking. It also holds the echoes of your last however many years of life there, which includes all that which you wish to destroy now, all vibrations of these things need to be destroyed now, by effort and by ritual. This is no longer to be a manifestation of your weakness, it is to be a place you go to find strength.

Anything from posters, to artwork, to rubbish, to clothing, to furniture that does not hold appeal any more or in your future life for any reason whatsoever, must be discarded now. Make a ceremony out of it to strengthen the ties and thoughts on the matter in your mind. Let the flirtatious diva that is the element of flame help aid you in this ceremony, with bonfire, with chanting, with orally spoken goodbyes, to make and affirm in your mind what you are accomplishing with this move.

Next comes the mental. For many an area has various mental links, like if one sits in their bed, it has the link with sleep, and it may cause someone to want to go to sleep whereas they would not consider this activity otherwise. You need to examine your space, and its interior, and identify any links it may have that are not in alignment with the you of the future, the you you want to create, the manifestation of your inner soul. You need to identify them, and attack them, and destroy them. Do playing cards represent gambling? Then they may no longer be needed. Do train tickets represent cannabis smoking? Then they may no longer be needed. Does the internet represent pornography? This may no longer be needed. If a tree suggests to you a nice climb, this may no longer be needed, if candles represent ‘burn something!’ these are no longer needed. And the list goes on. Mental associations need to be destroyed or changed and the latter can prove difficult.

To emotionally pacify the space, use an oil burner to fill the place with lavender scents, with the options of combining this with eucalyptus and passionflower. The aroma-therapeutic values of these oils will help neutralize any angst within the area. Whilst burning, stand or sit and meditate in the area in an eastern fashion. Calm yourself down, and use visualization techniques to dispel any bad energy from the place. Visualize the breathing in of new energy, fresh energy, and the expulsion of all that is bad.

Once the area is removed of clutter, we can start to fill it with that which is the essence we are wishing to achieve.

Stimulation is the main aim, and there are two types. Those that appeal to your senses yet represent the outside world, and those that appeal to your sense but are manifestations of the inside world. For true harmony it is important that all 5 senses are catered for, and both the inner and the outer are satisfied. Find ways to use smells of the world that you like, leave special foods that conjure up inspiration within you. Leave things that let your eyes gaze in awe, from scenic views, to gemstones. You want to hear within the place and thus recognize the lack of stagnancy and existence of change and happening, and you want to feel good, be it in comfortable linen, or sumptuous furs. Let it appeal and stimulate you.

Next comes the expression of the self.

It calls for ingenuity, it calls for individualism, it calls for your own self, and is hard to explain. Those things that you want to warn yourself against, place these in art, and place this art around you. Make the art strong and symbolic, make it attract itself to you, make it so strong it literally screams at you not to do that which you wish not to do.

Similarly the opposite. Let everything you love and want to embrace manifest in this, your special place, around you, so that when your heart nearly strays, it can be guided back in line by your temple.

Treasure your temple, and use your temple. Spend time in prayer, in contemplation, in meditation, within your temple. Pay attention to your surroundings, and fashion them to what you want. Let the place echo into the chambers of your heart and form a unison with the self.

– Kissed by Shiva