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Basic Details

About Organisation

“Your training will be a landscape of self-discovery. Learn new things, and share what you have learned with the others. I have called this place a praxeum. This word, made up of ancient roots, was first used by the Jedi scholar Karena, distilling the concepts of learning combined with action. Our praxeum, then, is a place for learning of action. A Jedi is aware, but does not waste time in mindless contemplation. When action is required, a Jedi acts.

Choose a lesson from the following lists. It is best to complete the lessons in order. Our campus’ holoprojectors will recreate the images of Jedi, who will guide you through the lessons. Contact my apprentice, Instructor Kharis Nightflyer, if you have any questions.”

What Did They Believe?

An RPG site for Star Wars fans, but written in such a way that real-life insight could be learned. It was the inspiration for many who later decided that they would become Jedi in the real world.

“So when we say the first Jedi site we are being a bit loose with that term. What we truly mean is this is the very first site most Jedi who would go on to create the foundations of the Community came across. It is the oldest surviving Jedi site. And it was one of, if not the first, to use adapted existing techniques (such as meditation) to give aspiring Jedi something to actually practice/“train”. – Opie Macleod, Jedi Historian

What Was Their Inspiration?

Their founder was a writer of fiction, so the inspiration was a mixture of his own pen, and the mythology of the Star Wars universe.

History of Organisation:

By all accounts within the Force Realist community, this is the inspiration from which the Force Realism community was borne. It has the honour of being the first of such communities.

“As you can see by the descriptions this site had a very heavy role-playing focus and terminology. It was very much based in the fiction, but it was done well enough that people like myself intended up asking that ever important question – Why Not? Why can’t I live this way in my everyday life?” – Opie Macleod, Jedi Historian

Notable Members:

N/A – Although most Force Realists from this time would have at the least known of the site.

Notable Conflicts:

“The issue with, lets call it Jedi Praxeum to keep things short, was that it offered no real communication. You could e-mail the creator of the site. But he wasn’t a Jedi or trying to be one. He was just a decent guy who was a big Star Wars fan. And depending on what day you caught him (or how you e-mailed him), you were either a fan of his or felt he was a jerk. Different Jedi had different experiences with him in other words. By the time 1999 came around the the Jedi Community had blown up in membership Kharis Nightflyer had stopped answering new e-mails and was basically done with the site.” – Opie Macleod, Jedi Historian

This is also the reason that newer sites were called for – People really wanted to train to become Jedi in the real world. They wanted communication between members, and that master/apprentice relationship as seen in the moves.

Predecessor Organisations:


Successor Organisations:

N/A – Although that need for communication did lead to the rise of Star Wars chat rooms from which the real Force Realism community grew.

Kronos’ Musings: The site is a relic of the early days of Web 2.0. There is still knowledge to be gained though, even fiction has it’s uses.

Lectures from Jedi Academy:

  • Path of Darkness
  • Nature of the Force
  • A Jedi’s Greatest Ally
  • The Nature of the Dark Side
  • Aspect of Light and Dark
  • Kyp Durron’s Tale
  • Calming Breathe Technique
  • Jedi Meditation – Basic Technique
  • A Jedi’s First Battle