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Meditation is not an escape. It must always be about confronting life, confronting life’s lies and truths. When we meditate, we are searching to understand the whole picture of the force; the unimaginable diversity and oneness of everything which exists, and the uniqueness of the individual and his will to power.

We are yearning for fullness. We want complete awareness of the self. When we meditate, we are not turning our heads away, but looking straight at reality.

Our reality is internal and worldly. We want to explore our shifting meanings and beliefs, to try and understand our purpose, and what we desire. But this can never be cut off from the world. Without the world, we are lost in idle fascination of our own floating selves. Reality does not exist simply locked away in a secret world of mind or spirit; it is to be seen and found in creation, in our interactions, in how we feel about people and things. Our reality is one of existing in the world. We want to know the world, not just looking out of the corner of our eyes, but looking straight at it with all the strength we can muster.

Are our internal and external worlds locked together, wrapped around eachother? If so, meditation cannot be a self discovery in the absence of outside influence, or an experimental observation of the world without the subjective influence of the self. Meditation is the attempt to find complete mindfulness; it is an attempt to see the whole in the uniqueness of every pulse of existence.

The meditations we will present here represent this idea of understanding the self as a being within the world. We must explore physicality, emotion, the subjective mind and its interpretations, and work not towards emptiness, but towards wholeness.

Be mindful.

– Richard Francis Irvine