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Darth Draconis removed all contents from the past lecture hall after becoming the Leader of the the Dark Council and changed the entire layout, segregating it into three sections.

Main Lecture Hall

Collections & Codices

Collections and Codices created by Darksiders, gathered indiscriminately from various eras to be presented as a part of the new lecture hall.

Draconian Codex

The Path Of Heresy

The Book Of Conflict

  • An Introduction to Conflict
  • The Club
  • The Sword
  • The Brush

Matters of the Mundane

Codex: Standing Up

Soliloquies | Monologues| Asides

A Collection of lectures from the Dark Side, produced by and harvested from the general populace.

Open Training (Revitalized)

The Open Training program of the past era deteriorated and was eventually abandoned. Shortly before Darth Draconis became head of the aspect, he revitalized the program, changing the process of acquiring submissions and the way they were to be presented to the general populace of the FA.

  • Open Training Program: Revitalized

The First Array

The Second Array

The Third Array