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Appendix 3: Shades of dark do dances

(Being excerpts from the transcript of a meeting of Dark Knights in 2004, to the accompaniment of “The Conflict Dance”, a poem by¬†Noel Vock.)
When schisms rupture and shades of dark do dances.
devils dine with devils and see,
another conflict! Born of reverie.
The Angels must have dropped their harps and deemed to roll the die of chances.

C’est le vie, a conflict’s born!
Dear nature always sings her song.
And lush melodies and nectar
from muses breast is torn.

Richard Irvine: We need to get people in a destructive frame of mind.

Irvine: The question is how. How to get them to embody conflict.

Noel Vock: You want them to fight against us?

Irvine: If that’s what it takes, yes.

Noel: But there must be something to fight for.

Irvine: What’s wrong with the fight for its own sake?

Kma Kharai: Isn’t it a process of debunking and searching rather than just shit stirring?

Noel: No one fights for no reason, a fight for the sake of the fight is like eating for the good of your mouth. The fight is bigger, better when imbued with purpose.

Wolves too long
barred from play
Might tend to shy away.
And if you sit or stand and listen

To a truer story teller;
few things make sweeter poetry
Then when conflict is unbound,
set free,
or love turned into hostility.
Irvine: We need to create a new environment in the Darkside

Irvine: Imagine you walked into a room

Irvine: And you were hit by a wall of heat and noise

Irvine: That is the atmosphere we need people to experience

Irvine: Every second in the darkside must be a confrontation of hell itself.

Noel: Yes

Noel: So we want to create conflict within the dark forums

Noel: Perhaps we should turn against each other publicly

Kma: That creates too much an internal conflict. We become a soap opera.

Irvine: We are forged in fire

Kma: Yes, and that fire is found in life.

Irvine: But at the moment, where is the fire? Where is the conflict?

Canis Lupus: Some of us have our proverbial fire burning within us from influences beyond here

Irvine: I know that’s true, but why can’t it burn over?

Kma: Because there’s nothing to be passionate about here.

Canis Lupus: Perhaps if we make the “fire” spread and consume the academy

Noel: How to make the fire spread though

Kma: How to find this fire in the first place, I think
Just watch a little when you see,
star crossed lovers in oppugnancy.
With love and strained savagery.
The deep sky touch blue sea,
Melted in some harmony.
When shade and dark do dances.

loves; father of all quarrellings,
And mother of sanguine, tears.
never a lovers foul word spent
Without heartfelt and good intent.

Irvine: Look, let me put it this way. The genetic code of the darkside is the perversion of everything which is expected. We are the jokers in the pack. The people who are slightly mad. We should bring conflict everywhere and within everything, we should embody chaos.

Irvine: If there is to be a crusade, it should be a crusade of destroying everything which makes anybody feel secure.

Noel: You want to ‘tear down the walls’

Irvine: Once aggression was a virtue in the darkside

Irvine: We lost that somewhere.

Noel: Because we have no more enemy

Noel: Other then the enemy of apathy.
– The Conflict Dance is a poem by Noel Vock. The excerpts from the transcript are taken from a meeting between Richard Irvine, Noel Vock, Kma Kharai, and Canis Lupus on the evening of the 14th May, 2004.