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I have now described the way I classify allies and foes on the chessboard of life. Today I would like to discuss the Board itself.

Far too many disregard strategy in their lives. Most are all too happy to float along in whatever current carries them, or allow themselves to be swept along by the “flock”. Not enough people take the truly Mindful warriors view of life… That it can be planned, and goals achieved by the use of the correct strategy.

In order to achieve a desired result, a Warrior must make best use of what they have at hand… or who they have at hand. Too many people do not work opponents towards the desired sections of their board. Hoping that someone will make a move that suits your needs is not only foolish, it is wasteful. Chances and opportunities are lost.

Sometimes an opponent needs the correct coaxing or even baiting to maneuvre them to where you wish. This could be a well worded statement, or carefully placed information. Never underestimate the importance of knowing your opponents. Study their weaknesses and exploit them at your will. As with all these theories and stratagems, they can be applied to all facets of life, the workplace, etc. Maneuvering opponents into a conrner or allowing them to perhaps think that the direction you wish for them is their own decision.How you do this is completely up to you, but do not dismiss this idea.

Allowing opponents to run to the Avenue you choose is simple, allow them no other option. This can be done in conversation or debate, simply guide the conversation to where you want it. Never underestimate the value of spectators. Always be mindful of who hears or sees what. Never reveal a hand you may wish to keep for later. Especially against one of the spectators.

These discussion points are deliberately vague. The reason is that they are flexible theories for flexible application. The true value here is the understanding that these tactics exist. You must determine your own best use for them, as using any strategy that feels unnatural will result in the opposite result to the one desired. This is not a discussion or lecture in which I can say “Next do this…” You need to fill in the blanks. This is an exercise in awareness of strategy and surroundings.

Be mindful.

– Straif