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Voiced by Amazon Polly

Everyone reading this is in school, or has been in school; WE see the constant intimidation of people. We watch the weak pretend to be strong. We see this pretence, and we see it SUCCEED. I tell you this is a corrupt system. For these are Seen warriors.

The real warrior is the unseen, and that is what we must be; the unseen warrior; the duplicative warrior.

We look at these tall muscular popular types, they are feared because everyone knows they have muscle, and that they’re tall, so, as cause and effect would have happen, no one challenges them, they move neither backwards or forwards, and they are hated because they show off what they have. Now, the unseen warrior has none of the reputation of the Seen warrior. He plays the weak link, he plays the dumb. He’s quiet and doesn’t do anything that shows his true strength, so he is underestimated…

Now, lets say some seen warrior is out to reinstate his skills, he sees you, the unseen warrior as easy pickings; you are quiet.

He thinks “you are a fool”.

He thinks “now I will beat you up and prove my own strength”.

You do nothing, you are still the unseen warrior as he throws his hits at you, you do nothing but defend these, never moving into an offensive point of view. When, and ONLY when he gives you a clear opportunity to knock him down, you do it, then say nothing. You leave, eyes wide open, in case he tries to jump you, or one of his sheepish friends does.

The unseen warrior is cunning and never shows his true power until its called for…be another face in the crowd, but make sure you can leave that position in a seconds notice.

But now, you have a problem. You have defeated the supposed undefeatable, and people will be intimidated by you, and the weak will admire you. you are now willingly or unwillingly a seen warrior. Now, you shouldn’t want this position now, because though your feared, people of your former opponents type are so egotistical and attention-addicted, that they will try to beat you, so they can say “I beat him (or her) up, he (or she) is a sinch”. Now, you must fall back into the unseen category. To do this you must not give into the temptation of their praise and respect, do not show off, these sheep are weak, so weak that they don’t even know they are sheep, but they can tempt you into being one of them.

So you’re ignoring the praise, but that doesn’t erase peoples memories, they know your power now. So you act as if it didn’t happen, and you might make up a lie to go with it, like “I didn’t knock him down, didn’t you see it? I tried to get away from him, and as he tried to stop me, he fell.” And I assure you, the person you knocked down will follow your lie too. Now people may still not believe you, but, people forget… in time, you are again the unseen warrior, but now stronger, and more experienced than before…

– TS