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I really need to address something that I’m seeing too often from the warriors on the board.

What is the purpose of your fight?

To date, I have not gotten any kind of elaboration on this issue. What is your purpose? Why do you see yourself gearing for a fight? What is your goal? Why do you see the world heading toward a conflict in such a way that your training would be used? The answers are vague, which is fine; if you only have a gut feeling, say so. However, the sheer verbiage devoted to near-poetic and anti-romantic expression of the nobleness of fighting, how there must be an army, etc. is extremely puzzling, considering few seem to have any idea of the Why.

The Dark Side is about purpose and intent. That has been made clear. Yet how many of you have a purpose or have defined an intent that justifies the sheer seething behind your words? What are you really fighting? Yourself? Treatment you’ve gotten that you wish revenge on? If you fight yourself, you do not need an army, you need to address that yourself. If you hold resentment about how your life has been and what people have done to you, that, also, is an internal matter, not one for getting others to join you in your great sweeping plans to conquer. Sorry, your war is within, not without. Do not mistake that or you will be your own enemy.

Some insight into conflict. Groups and individuals who play that game, either in rebel groups or terrorist organizations use violence to gain legitimacy. They do it to gain attention, to cement their role as a player who can control something, for the power to destroy is control. Increasingly, other means of gaining this place in the world are being used, and it’s becoming agreed within those organizations that information warfare and other non-violent means are as effective, if not more effective, than a car bomb. The playing field is vast there, and anyone who doesn’t make use of the new age’s tools will be limiting not only their cause, but their own thinking.

It is this new thinking that we hope to teach. The new conflict will not be fought with guns and fists entirely, but with minds. I caution the warriors, do not drill yourselves into the narrow view of the obvious means of fighting. Do not commit yourselves to air, to a fight without a cause that you’re aware of. And for Darkness’ sake, think about what your goals are beyond sounding impressive. You must have substance behind what you say or you will be swept aside.

– Satelle