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Voiced by Amazon Polly

An organisation must be no larger than necessary. Never recruit anyone merely because he wants to join. Nor seek to persuade for the pleasure of having another share your views. He’ll share them when the time comes… or you’ve misjudged the moment in history. As to basic structure, we start as a conspiracy; therefore structure is small, secret and organised as to minimise damage by betrayal-since there always are betrayals. One solution is the cell system. Much theorising has gone into optimum cell size. History shows that a cell of three is best- more than three can’t agree on when to have dinner, much less when to strike. One is opted as chairman. There would be no vote; choice would be obvious-or persons aren’t the right three. First three would know the next nine people, three cells…but each cell would only know one of the first three. At the next level there are two ways of looking: This brother, second level, knows his cell leader, his two cellmates, and on the third level he knows the three in his subcell-he may or may not know his cellmates’ subcell. One method doubles security, the other doubles speed of repair if security is penetrated. If a man betrays us, he will be able to betray his boss, two cellmates, three in a subcell and himself. To repair this you must take same cells, arrange ub open pyramid of tetrahedrons. Where vertices are in common, each brother knows one in adjoining cell-knows how to send message to him, that’s all he needs. Communications never break down because they run sideways as well as up and down. Something like a neural net. Understand?

– Noel Vock