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These are a collection of posts by Moor, that I think add value and understanding to his lectures.

First off, I must say that I am quite impressed. I only began learning more about the chakras two years ago, thereby also discovering deeper parallels to the arts of the dark side. Before, I was aware of general parallels, but refused to study the chakra as an opportunity to learn more. I thought it too light sided for me.

You go on to translate the second heart as related to the fourth, or heart chakra. As the place where the dark emotions are felt. That is incorrect.
The second heart actually translates as the third or Manipura chakra. It is the place where the emotions of “other beings”, i.e. animals and humans are felt. It is also the source of our link with the spirit world and the universe or “force”, from which we gather awareness and insight. Interestingly, there is controversy if the chakra is located at the solar plexus or the naval. In the arts, it is both: When feeling the emotions of other beings, these come to us from the solar plexus. When interacting with spirits or the universe on a more fundamental level, the insights arise from the naval. This is also where you can now resolve your perceived controversy: it is both the source of received emotions as the place where they are physically felt.

The fourth, or heart chakra also finds application in the arts. It is where we feel the dark emotions of our self-generated anger and hatred. These energies serve several purposes. One is to take advantage of the chakra in terms of our seat of passion. Passion is energy, anger is energy. Both can be aligned to fuel a self propelling engine or circuite. Second is to align our anger with the chakra in terms of our seat of devotion. By aligning anger and devotion we create again a self substaining circuite that allows us to strengthen our self appreciation and helps us to become more focused, the angrier we get.
These alignments are important to calibrate the relationship between concious thought and our spiritual link. In many pictures you will find the heart chakra shown as a David Star, as two intersecting triangles. Often these are explained to relate to the male and female principles. I would describe it differently, but with clear parallels: The triangle that points downward funnels our conscious thought through an emotional filter into spiritual energy. The triangle pointing upwards helps us funnel the intuitions and emotions we receive into conscious thought. The self substaining circuites we generate in the middle, serve again twofold: One is to fuel the exchange of energies between the planes. Two is to wash out any other emotions within us, in order to more easily identify and understand perceived intuitions. It is always easiest to see a white spot on a black canvas.
That is why most spiritual paths seek the absence of emotion as their “white canvas” to identify an externally received insight. We do the opposite. For many reasons again: practicality, ideology, further alignment with the dark side of both the spirit world and the force. But your canvas needs to be one color and hatred is considered the physically strongest emotion of all (here a clear reference to your “electrical impulses” as well as heartbeat and blood circulation). But you were again very close about “reprogramming the body to become a catalyst”.

This practice of course leads to negative side effects for the body, as you discuss in the rest of your essay. It is correct that an “overloading” of the body does occur that begins to deteriorate your health after several years. This is why the arts also teach the aspect of self healing. With a growing exchange between conscious and subconscious mind, the dark knight learns to actively guide his body. Reducing an awareness for pain is usually the first step, but controlling bodily functions and energies to substain the forced redirection of your energies is the goal. And if practiced correctly, these can be substained for as long as the art is practiced.

Accordingly, the body does not require to acknowledge the full portfolio of human emotions. The mind, is a seperate matter, but one that is addressed just as efficiently.

I also found proof in this later on, as I gained experience on my developing path now. When I began my course as a healer, my chakras received an attunement to new and different energies. During the attunement, I actually felt a physical movement inside of my torso. As if my chakras physically changed direction or alignment. It was only after this induction that I learned about the chakras and came to understand how I had most likely used them before.

Darth Draeth wrote: However, what i find particularly interesting is the bit about overloading the energy conducts of the body by artificially feeding energy into it, by autosuggestion and emotional feedback. This was my main criticism to the dark arts as practised in your time. You mention that there are techniques to counterbalance the negative effects of the dark arts. I think, for those who have learned these practises from you, it is essential that you provide, or at least point directions, to where these balacing techniques can be found, or where can they be learned.

It is essential and this is where the apprentice-to-be encounters his first test. I’ve been reading your work on my presented material. You are not the first to conclude that it is dangerous and the information presented to the public is indeed incomplete. Previously, I was never allowed to comment on that as it would have gone against tradition. As we are sharing an honest moment, let me also share this piece on teaching and ethics.

The dark side in my previous teachings is around the strong superseding the weak. Strength is not something that is claimed, but that is developed. Ambition fuels it. Personal wants. But the true sith serves first and foremost the dark side and accordingly has the obligation to utilize his potential and prove his worthiness before receiving power. Knowledge and power go hand in hand. Translate knowledge in this context with (self) awareness and you get my meaning.
Public transcripts on the arts are designed to serve a purpose: They are to catch the attention of the potential apprentice. They mean to resonate within him, addressing his wants and desires for himself, but also inspiring him to grow beyond self servitude. Anyone who begins to study the path will come to an inevitable conclusion: Some of it has merit. Truth be told, the reader agrees that it is more than that. A potential for something greater. Something that can be theirs. But what is presented is also flawed. It is incomplete. And here the first test: Will the candidate “be mindful”. Will he conclude that it has truth. He can travel only to a certain point. Will he comprehend that it is by design, by intent. If he is mindful, he will. Most will unfortunately conclude that it is because the philosophy is flawed. That is what they say but usually not what they feel. They are proud. They are envious. They know that going to the source and asking for knowledge means that they must admit their inferiority and bow down in servitude for the time of their apprenticeship. And when pride supersede’s ambition, the candidate will fail. For he is weak in truth and does not have the strength to be considered worthy. He will linger. Perhaps float for a while. Try to untwine what he has learned and incorporate it into something else. But he will not succeed. But if the candidate is mindful, then despite his pride he will come back to the source and seek apprenticeship. Such are the workings of the dark side. And an important lesson it is. For he will need all his strength when we begin to jointly bend and twist his inner being. His mind, body and soul. Dramatic words? Yes. The truth? On so many levels.

Reading what I wrote, I hear the old me talking. I will stop here as I should also be mindful to maintain my own distance and liberty. For the dark side is always tempting.

So…let’s come back to your original point. :)

The balancing techniques are taught during apprenticeship. This is a more complex topic although, so kindly bear with me as I view it from different angles.

In a first step, practice is always the best teacher. Now that you have linked the second heart to the third chakra, if you go back to my meditation techniques I think you will come to enjoy a deeper and more comprehensive experience.

In terms of doing, self healing happens on two levels. One conscious the other unconscious.

First the conscious: You begin the dark meditation, allowing the energies to flow up from your third chakra. And then you visualize. Usually we start teaching the example of how to remove a headache.
A headache usually occurs when the veins in your head draw narrow. Nicotine, hang over, migraine. The blood flow pulsates, it doesn’t flow freely. Invoke the dark meditation. Draw the power upward. Visualize how you see the vein pulsating. Visualize how you see the flow become more steady. As you relax the vein. The blood pumps normally. The pain subsides. This is good for all common and stress related topics. Headaches, stomach pains, kidney problems. But can be applied on anything really. I’ve had limited success in those days healing other people or regarding myself, the common cold. But the art includes many talents and we are not all equal in our applications from person to person. Perhaps you will do better using the arts to heal. Important is to understand what it is in your body specifically that needs to perform in a different way.
The unconscious one is something that develops over time. Curing your headaches often enough will also lead to you having them less and less often. Same as for your other worries. It just happens. Previously my theory was that the dark meditation aligns your subconscious mind with your conscious thought (which it does). And that your subconscious mind “learns” what it is you want, thereby reprogramming other parts of your mind. In my case, as a teen ager, I suffered often under migraines. Since I was an apprentice it has never happened again. Six months after they were gone forever. A year later I could drink without a hangover. These affects have stayed with me until today.

But on the unconscious, my theory today would be different. Today, I have learned to heal others, using other energies and have a deeper understanding of healing than previously. I would put my theory forward as follows:

In Reiki, we believe in three important aspects of the mind: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the divine self, or ueberich. I am including the shadow as part of the subconscious mind here. The divine self is our higher self. It understands all our wants, all our needs. It understands all that occurs on the physical, emotional and spiritual level of our existence. It has all our knowledge and memories and knows how to heal us as well as what decisions are best for us to take.
The subconscious mind takes in all it is we refuse to accept or are not open to process. In the arts, one of the fundamental teachings is to align your subconscious mind with your consciousness. Many emotions are in the end signals, because we are trying to tell ourselves something. Many psychological techniques suggest that if you acknowledge the message from your subconsciousness, and acknowledge the root cause, the emotion, eg. fear, worry will fade. This is true if practiced on a regular basis.
This is the first step. As it will reduce the psychological need for many emotions. You plan to be angry all too often. Other emotions will have trouble getting through. You need to be as close to your subconsciousness as possible to lessen the pressure your subconscious will begin to build up. So far so good. Now comes the more radical part of it.
Even if you want to. It is not easy to be as angry as often as you want. You can be angry at the world, at wrong doings or certain people for a while. This is all appropriate imagery. But we all know that the power of imagery usually fades with time. So you need imagery that gives you every day new material to process to keep you going. And this is where you inevitably come to hate yourself. Not in terms of our true being, your soul, if you so will, but in terms of your own limitations and weakness. This drives you to focus on your strength, this gives you an unlimited supply of imagery, for all the small things that you could have done better that you see every day.
Obviously, that kind of behavior is going to send a rather large surge down the line. If you have a good and strong link to your subconscious, it can not build up there. It’s not like you’re refusing to believe you hate yourself, you are aligned, so you know you are doing this. And with that, in my current opinion, it passes the subconscious mind and goes straight to the divine self.

I never knew of the divine self before. But I knew, back in the day, that high ranking masters spoke of “the beast” that exists next to the conscious and subconscious mind. Practical studies I participated in regarding hypnosis and emotional reprogramming were supportive around this regarding the “Valleys” of other witches.
Here, I only know the literature in German, so pardon my weak translation. There are very simple hypnotic exercises. The patient is put into a light state of hypnosis. He finds himself in a clearing or forest. He wanders and explores, often seeing manifestations of what is occupying him in his subconscious mind. This was a baseline exercise for many applications. One of them is to wander off the clearing and deeper into the forest to seek “the Valley”, where the subconscious mind touches onto other planes. On several occasions, visiting the valley brought us to a place, often a castle or prison with guards on the walls. This is very unusual in psychology. More unusual that if the person hypnotized is guided more towards that location, these guards attack. This is always where the experiment needs to be aborted. You can not allow the person to be attacked by his subconscious mind. In some of these sessions, there was a verbal warning or dialog between the person and the guards. We steered him to have the conversation in the hope of finding out more. What they all said is that they are guarding a “prisoner”. Someone who is not allowed to walk free. Someone who must be kept imprisoned for the sake of the person. The beast. I would conclude today that the beast is potentially nothing other than the divine self. And any prisoner can be forced into guided labor.

In short I believe, the divine self corrects the imbalance the user causes to his own body. By means of the conscious and subconscious feeding instructions into an ueberich that is continuously trying to compensate for the illness of self hatred. All physical illness in healing is believed to have its origin on the emotional plane. The user does not actually fall sick because of his self hatred. He falls sick for the anger and practice of generating the dark energies. But if all hatred is focused around the self and the subconscious has nothing to rebuke, there is only the ueberich. And there the divine self would try to heal any illness residing from such hatred. It would logically try first to move the person away from the negative exposure and influence. But if the person would be too determined and the subconscious can not unload the uberich, then exactly this might happen.

Dangerous. Probably. Is it worth it? From a dark sider stand point on this path: If you can do it, it is in your potential to do so. If it brings benefit to your strength and power, then you are only utilizing an option that has been given to you.

And while again the above may sound dramatic. All masters I know on this path, live perfectly fulfilled lives, and in good health.

Darth Draeth wrote:When you first started down this path, what drew you to the dark arts?

I believe there are only two types of dark siders. Those that take on the path for personal gain and those who do so for reasons of ethics. The latter being the far more driven.

Before I started on this path, I was a strong believer in God and often felt his presence around me. I was good, compassionate and humble. I believed in his wisdom and power and in the justice he provided for mankind. As I grew older, I became critical of that justice. The wrong ruled the right through hardship. And the right would bend and beg to be acknowledged by that wrong and betray their own beliefs. You could see it in countries and cities, in adults and children. In all things big and small.

I knew of his teachings and that he was testing us. We needed to accept a life of hardship and fight temptation to earn our place in heaven. But I was not able to pass the wrong I saw without intervention, without reaching out in compassion and protection to support those not able to fend for themselves. The more I involved myself the worse things became for me. I developed enemies. And they succeeded in applying pressure on my environment until I was fending alone. Even those I helped and supported would not take up arms in my defense.

It was then one night, when I could take no more. I had appealed to God many times for a sign of his support. Not to resolve my problems, but to grant me inspiration to carry on. Not for favors, but for a touch of his proclaimed justice. But God was silent in his indifference. I grew upset. Had I not tried to live his teachings? More than tried, had I not stepped forward when all others would only hide or even throw themselves at their own tormentors? And I was not fickle-minded, I had carried on stoically for a long time. For we all understand the difference between good and evil inside us. We all know what is right and when we should act. But he remained silent.

And it was then that I felt inside of me and felt that he was wrong. I did deserve a token of his attention. I did deserve his guidance if not protection, for it was his road upon which I travelled. It was not only for me, but to also find the strength to continue and help those still out there waiting for someone to release them of their sorrows. I got angry at this point and opened a dialogue. I challenged him for his indifference. I challenged him for his inconsistency. But he remained silent. And it was then that I renounced God and his teachings. I declared that I would step away and never in future support him as he was a deceiver in my eyes. I cried myself to sleep that night, for all the pain I had absorbed willingly in his name. And for the fact that I felt his presence no longer.

It was a few weeks later. I had just finished watching a movie with a friend and was walking on my way home. It had been a horror movie and I was in deep thought. The bad guy had made a reasonable impression. They killed him in the end, which I thought was more a stroke of luck than anything else. But he had been impressive throughout the movie: Careful planning, precise action and looking good while doing it. I had to say that my wants matched his abilities more than the teen age beach bums who defeated him.

I reached home and looked at the empty place where I had previously had the crucifix in my room. And it was then that I felt a different presence with me. And it wasn’t the presence of God.

Half a year later I met someone who knew all about darkness. And he had all the answers I was looking for. And with this, I began my path. If God had no justice to offer, then he was not one to be followed but opposed. And those who followed him needed to understand the universe for what it truly was. The choices we had and we could make. And how these choices would make us stronger and better and give us the power to set out our own justice. I had been liberated and shown a path that would allow me to still my pain and empower me to release others of their sorrows. True, there was a price. But this one at least admitted it was business and did not pretend at anything else.

In 22 years, I have never before told this story. I hope you appreciate it for what it is.