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Voiced by Amazon Polly

A Dark Masters Warning To Aspiring Students
One threatens your life,
The other threatening your pose.
Before it’s decide you need a little extra, a little more,
You’ll be offered a scent that’ll shake you to your core.
Beautiful blooms drawing you in,
Seducing your Reason to the consistency of mud,
It might get planted right into you,
Until the new blooms start to bud.
If that isn’t enough,
Or if we didn’t even try,
It’ll be one slice, two slice, three slice, four, A
ll said and done you might end up on the floor.
The old sanctuary isn’t safe,
‘Cause it might get sprinkled with blood,
And we might stand there laughing
As you fall with a thud.
In one hand a Knife,
In the other a Rose.

– Darth Draconis