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Volume I: Fragments & Musings

This volume is a collection of fragmented musings, some appearing more wholesome than others. In a way, the texts presented here showcase my ethereal scars, putting many of them on display, bound together into a more meaningful sequence. The stacatto rythm of reading from one fragment to another might not give that impression, but they’ve none the less been frankensteined into a body of works like a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces may be jagged, but each and every piece has it’s placement for a reason. You might consider it a testament to the method of passion – often chaotic, even violent – guided by reason.

Altogether, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture…. and maybe that is exactly the point. Scars don’t look all that pretty, they don’t always look neat and tidy, but they’re a hell of a lot prettier than the polished, unused armor most people are so willing to wear, accept, show off, or glorify, and they allude to many of the experiences I take pride in. I appreciate my wounds. In gathering these fragments, binding them together, and putting them on display, perhaps that will provide opportunity for others to discover something in them of value for themselves.

“What a collection of scars you have. Never forget who gave you the best of them, and be grateful, our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real.”~Hannibal Lecter