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For this meditation, sit where you like, in a position you are comfortable with, and close your eyes. Within you there is a sanctuary, a place of contemplation.

Think of one or more questions, and envision yourself walking inward. It can be lush with flora and fauna, or a desolate desert{Actually, your imagination is the limit, but I gave two options as a starting point}. Within this landscape that resides in you, at the core of your being, envision a temple. Dark, with an ominous aura about it, it calls to you. Respond, walk in to the center of your Self that you see as a temple before you. Inside, there rests a small pyramid, a holocron.

In this place within, imagine that you are imbuing the holocron with darkness, summoning it by the power of your will to engulf the palm-sized treasure. It activates, and a gatekeeper appears above the apex. The gatekeeper is whoever you wish it to be, anyone that has served as a mentor or an example to follow in your life{an uncle, father, mother, or anyone else from your life, or even a Sith Lord from fiction}. It is he who will recieve your question(s).

Have a conversation, letting the responses conform of their own accord to what you think that person might actually say. When you have exhausted yourself of the discussion, deactivate the holocron. Now imagine omnipotence of your enviroment, of the temple you are in, of the landscape you journeyed through to get to your temple. You awareness grows until you are again present and aware of your body.

Then, open your eyes.