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An Apparatus For Dark Adepts

One of three long-standing aspects of the Force Academy, the Dark Aspect has been an integral part of the community since its inception. Founded in 1998, the FA is one of the first and oldest Force Realist Communities on the internet. It’s purpose is to serve whoever might want to use it as an instrument for their own personal evolution. The essence of this has been conveyed in various ways over the years, being described as a Temple, a Dojo, a Forge, a Shark Tank… The forums, the resources put together, the practices shared, the people that participate in discussions… these are all elements of an apparatus.

This apparatus and the value it has lies in how well the user can put them to use. It is a means of communication, and can be an instrument of self-betterment and transformation, for those that seek self-awareness and empowerment in their lives through the very act of living. Passion, strength, influence, and victory in one’s own life; self-awareness and empowerment. Understanding one’s own personal ambitions and aspirations, and learning not only to see, but to generate and seize the opportunities to realize them. What we’re talking about here is a Way of Life, and one that is defined by each individual that lives it, giving it context and form.

What we offer, all we really can offer, is the chance for you to know yourself, to work to marry your passion and reason and unlock all that you are. If you’re interested in exploring that which you hide from yourself, there might be something for you to find at the Force Academy, in participation if not in content. It’s stated to be about so many things already in what you’ve read here, but ultimately how you see it – and the meaning you give it – is up to you. As is what you get out of the site, the forum, the Living. All of what is being said here is simply a potential springboard.

– Darth Draconis