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Appendix 4: No star ever rose or set without influence somewhere
No star ever rose or set without influence somewhere.
– Lord Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton (“Owen Meredith”),
Lucile (pt. II, canto VI)
Since we are born we must be scolded or induced into breathing and weeping, this way you were able to become more than potential, you became a life that learned to walk, speak, read and further more.
When you grew older you were able to traduce the three main passions of humankind:
*The passion to live
*The passion to learn
*The passion to be remembered
Into various kinds of expression.
Perhaps you wrote a poem for the very same person from whom you received your first kiss.
Perhaps it wasn’t this way at all.
Perhaps you bullied someone and provoked tears to fall or anger to rise within a silent face.
You are already beginning to see it, the influence of your actions.
For we must never forget that power is also influence and influence is also power.
There is a maelstrom right now somewhere within yourself, but you shouldn’t be afraid, and if you’re not then smile, for you now know a reason for which you must seek power.
What kind of influence you wish to have?
What kind of power you wish to achieve?
The one to provoke tears, to shed blood, to heal wounds or provoke smiles?
That’s up to you.
Influence is Influence as Power is Power.
The influence you seek should be go in hand with these questions:
What kind of influence I wish to have?
What kind of power I wish to exercise?
Do you wish to ignite stars and provoke the birth of suns?

Do you wish to help flowers bloom and resist the winter?

Your answer as your choice, is always,