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If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably asking yourself how you can stand out advance here at the Order.

It’s actually very simple, we operate on the principe of prestige.

Prestige is a concept I’ve stolen from one of the original games that attracted me to fleshing out what it would mean to be Sith in the real world. You see, in the game to advance as a Jedi, you’re given a set of tasks to do; recite the code, go help the farmers, build a lightsaber.

But when you’re training as a Sith – it doesn’t work like that. You don’t get given a list and sent on your way. You have to think. Sure, they give you a few ideas – but it’s you that has to make the choices.

This is how the real world works. Often people complain, because it’s not clear how to advance in a company, or a Junior Executive leapfrogs your career. A Jedi would complain. A Sith would think.

A Sith would say to themselves, what did that person do, that I did not? And then they would start doing that thing. If it was turning up earlier, they’d turn up earlier. If it was work harder, or play golf with the boss, they’d do that.

So this, is what the principle of Prestige is. Like life, there is no set of tasks for you to do. We’re looking for creativity, cunning, and ruthlessness. We’re looking for people who want to push the path forward. Who are willing to experiment and try new ideologies and methods.

And most of all, we want success for you in the real world. And for you to document and explain that success here. The Order is inherently selfish, we’re not a charity to help lost souls. The Knights of the Sith are greedy for those who can make successes of themselves in the real world.

If you’re a marathon runner, or a millionaire, a bodybuilder, or self-employed, you will advance quicker than others. Why? Because you legitimise the path and make it stronger. Your knowledge and success should be rewarded, and you personally, should be rewarded for sharing that knowledge to make others stronger. 

How do I earn prestige?

I hope I’ve given you some ideas of what we mean by Prestige now, and how it can be earned in a myriad of different ways. But just in case, here are a few ideas to get started:

A) Comment on the works of others, have intelligent conversations with others on the chat rooms.

B) Write your own posts on your own understanding of what it means to be Sith, and your application of the work of some essay from the Archives.

C) Set yourself a goal, like run 10K, and track your success and failure towards achieving that goal.

D) Complete the Path of the Marked.

E) Create something that illustrates your understanding of the path; a poem, a painting, a book, or a podcast.

Like all things in life though, it really comes down to you. Individuality and creativity will always be rewarded here.