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The structure of our Order is simple; everyone is split into one of two categories – there are the Sith, and there is everyone else.


This is everyone who is not Sith,  who have shown no potential to being Sith, or whom are not yet ready to be Sith.

You already know who the masses are; they’re the people who complain that their life is unfair, without actually doing anything to improve it. The people who consume content, rather than create it. The people who say they’ll go freelance – one day.

To be Sith is to take control of your life, and begin shaping the world to how you want it to be. And to be a Sith here, means that you’ve proven you’re already on the right track.

To progress, you must show initiative, creativity, intelligence, ruthlessness, and cunning. If a Knight or Lord believes you will be an asset to the Order, that you posses what is necessary to be Sith, they can “mark” you as being worthy of more attention.

It isn’t fair – this isn’t a democracy or even a meritocracy. Gaining favour with Knights and Lords is actively encouraged – that is after all, how the real world works. For example, when I was seeking favour, I spent hours researching the History of Sith and compiling it into a timeline for one of the Lords. To progress, you must have initiative.

Having said that, neither is anyone here out to get you. If you put in the work into the resource assignments, have thoughtful conversations on the forum, try and encapsulate your knowledge for others to use, and make allies of the Sith – you will progress.


The Sith are the site – They have access to all our 20+ years of knowledge and to the tools we’ve developed amongst ourselves. They are given their own journal, because their thoughts are now worth reading. We’ve also developed “Forges” curriculum courses to help you hone your talents, and take your life to the next level.

But of course, becoming Sith was just the first step.

Inside the Sith, their are three main ranks, each progressing from the last; Marked, Awakened & Knights;

  • Marked: When one of the masses has shown potential for the Sith path, and have proven they are ready to learn, a Knight or Lord may mark you. Being Marked is an honour – it means someone believes that you are ready. Your purpose is simple – learn. Absorb all the knowledge that we have made available to you. Feast on it, and when you start to understand – apply. Everything we do here is so we can conquer our worlds out there. Don’t disappoint us. Be sure though, being marked is a privilege, and you can be sure you would not be the first to have it stripped if you stop moving forward.
  • Awakened: At a certain point in your journey, you’ll begin to wonder what separates you from a Knight. And it’s at this point you can ask to take the trials. You’ll have already conquered yourself by this point, and you will already be taking control of your life. Once a month, a Marked can make a plea that they wants to take the trials. If they are sponsored by two Knights, they will become Awakened, and then they will take the trials.
  • Knight: Knights are those who have conquered themselves and their universe. They are the embodiment of the Sith path. The trials are brutal, and are designed to strip away the last of what you are, so that you can begin and conquer.
  • Heir of the Sith: The Heir is voted from amongst the Knights, to be their spokesperson against any issues that might arise with the Dark Lord. The idea is they share admin access to the site – if the Lord becomes distant, loses their touch, or the Heir feels it is their time – they have the ability to assume to mantle of Lord of the Sith.
  • Lord of the Sith: They are the owners and administrators of this community – seeking new ways to invigorate, cultivate Sith, and protect it’s purpose.

There is a fourth rank of the Sith, that’s outside of typical progression:

  • Forsaken: Those who have proven themselves to be unfit to be Sith by either failing the Trials, or by failing a Master or Knight. It also includes those who leave the Order, or who have failed in their duties as Knights. An exile is someone who was Sith, and failed. They’ll have to work harder than before to prove that they are ready to be Sith again.

Lord is the final rank, and it is rare. It’s an honorific for those who have bled for this site and the Sith path. Those who have poured time into writing lectures, teaching students, building this community. They hold the same access level as a Knight.