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We have one tenet to live by here; Earn your place.

Make no mistake, you are not Sith – not yet. You can be a member here, active 24/7 and a contributor, and still not Sith. To even earn the title of Sith here will take work; And to the Sith go the spoils; they have full access to the archives, they’re able to create their own posts and a journal, and they have control over who else gains the title of Sith.

Everyone else are known derisively as “the masses”. The people who have put no time or effort into trying to understand our culture. They’re sheep, who don’t have a clue on how they could take control of their lives with the mantra of passion, strength, power, and victory.

We firmly believe that there are those with power, and those without it. The cognitive dissonance of people is astounding; they can convince themselves they are successful businessman, whilst making less than minimum wage freelancing. I know, because I’ve done it.

That’s why the two-tiers exist, to stop this kind of cognitive dissonance. Believe me when I say, you are not Sith yet.

To progress past that very first rung, you need to earn it. If you’ve just arrived – you’ve earned nothing. And if you’re the type to lurk in the background, you too will never unlock everything that we have developed over the years. To be Sith, you need to put in the work, put your shoulder into the grind, and put up with the shit.

Nobody walks into a University, and becomes the lecturer. You don’t walk into a Dojo as the Sensei. 

Even just understanding how we operate will take time, and it’s not something to rush.

Too many people have come here claiming to be Sith. You are not. To be Sith here, is an honour. To be able to call yourself Sith is an incredible privilege that you have earned with the sweat of your brow. It means someone here who has already proved that they have what it takes, thinks that you are worth training – that you will add value to the path.

We take the two-tier system seriously – it’s not an idle threat, or a way to form unity. If you don’t advance the cause, you will be demoted. To be Sith is to constantly advance, and your growth adds to the success of the Sith. I even built the site so that even I can be replaced if I get lazy, or stop advancing the Sith.