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The question was asked about Anger Meditation. This is one I know of. Find value and worth in it for yourself. I suggest finding meditations for other emotions and states of mind as well.

Meditation is personal, and you should find a stationary position that you feel comfortable and familiar in for this. I personally sit in a chair for this one, with my arms to my side bringing my hands just below my rib cage. You will need a room, it can be dark. You will need a candle. I clasp my hands, connecting my index fingers pointing outwards and thumbs together pointing up. The following for me is very symbolic and psychosomatic. The arms and hands close to me symbolize me closing myself off to explore my inner heart. My index fingers point outwards and symbolic my intent and my thumbs point up symbolizing my impact within The Force.

This is very basic, nothing hard if you cultivate these feelings and access them easily. Light the Candle. Now that you are in the mediation position you may begin. Like what meditation is debatabley for, release your mind of incessant chatter and inner dialogue. Focus on the flame in the candle. You imagine a time, an event, or experience where you felt anger. Think about that until you start to feel that anger and it effects you physically. Use the flame as a visual and symbolic target for your intention, experience the emotion as if it feed the flame. Let that feeling ride through you without restraint as you understand your anger(Inner Feelings). Some have told me they see things in the flame of the candle. It can cultivate the growth and access to feelings. It can be a tools for personal reflections on our own feelings and actions.