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How then are we to achieve this power? One may think that the type of power that I imply can come only through a revolution. Perhaps revolution does indeed make it easier for power to be gained. The turmoil, destruction and confusion, which are apparent within a revolutionary time, can be great benefiting factor, due to the fact that the flow of change may be more easily harnessed when it is fluid, then when things are static. However, do not rely upon this. While it is indeed men that are the spark and the gunpowder, revolutions still require certain historical conditions to be in place. Are we then to rely upon the vague hope that we may be lucky enough to live in a place during a revolution?


By all means support revolutions if they do occur but do not put all your hope in them. For most, a revolution will never happen. The people are too passive, too uncaring, as well as too satisfied. The people of the western world have never had it so good I hear men say. These people never stop to realize or care how much better things could be. The way to achieve powers are many, despite the people’s passiveness.

You must simply trust no one, especially the sheep. There is knowledge of course. But does this translate directly into power?


Innumerable highly educated and knowledgeable people are poor, destitute, powerless, in comparison with the many who are clearly less wise yet have considerably more power. Such are the importance of actions. Think, learn, and teach by all means. But never forget to translate your knowledge into action.

Take risks. Be entrepreneurial in what you do. Of course balance is called for when taking risks. Be mindful so as, while not letting prudence hold you back, you neither jump before you look, nor blind yourself in the light while looking.

You must know that in today’s world, economic power is one of the most important forms. Gain enough economic power and you could have a Harem in Tuscany or a convent in Budapest. In today’s world economic power can with a little knowledge be translated directly into political power. How you do this is of course up to you and there is no single correct way for doing this. Then gain political power. It is largely through politics that history is made. To govern a country or empire is perhaps the most powerful empowering thing. The most powerful men have, with a few exceptions, always been the ones that have directed countries. In the future perhaps there will be men with more power. Perhaps they will be us.

– Noel Vock