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‘Heresy’ is a word I resonated with from the moment I heard it spoken with passion. While this is named the Path of Heresy, I use the word in the modern sense and the original sense. It comes from the Old Greek phrase ‘haireses’ meaning ‘choice’, but also currently means “to think differently”, or “to defy the Catholic Church”.

Engaging in rebellious behaviour for the sake of rebellion is an adolescent indulgence, and a pointless one. The Path of Heresy is not for such simple misbehaviour. Here I intend to encourage defiance and heresy when your path is blocked by social convention or cultural norms. Freedom cannot be attained by those shackled by the chains of pointless rules. If we are told ‘thou shall not’, we must then ask ‘why?’

The Path of Heresy is about crafting a stronger individual and then honing that strength into power. Cultural and religious oppression comes in many forms, from the brutality of a theocratic dictatorship to the mere social pressures of religiously minded communities. This Path is dedicated to individual growth, beginning with asking a pair of simple questions; why are we told not to do something, and is it worth following that command?

Those we hold as role models in our life in our youth slowly become more humanized in our eyes. Eventually they will stop being icons of virtue and be just another person with their own opinions and ideals. We are all human, for good or ill, and nobody should be above question. Of course, allowances have to be made for the sake of the law or our own well-being, but if you can ask, then ask.

Heresy was the word for choice, so shall choice be the word for the Path of Heresy. Choose as thou wilt, that shall be the whole of the path.

“It’s up to you and the path you choose, 
To be led to the slaughter or lead the way. 
The quest for light, a worthwhile fight, 
Will you have what it takes, 
Come what may?” 
~Iced Earth, Come What May, from The Crucible of Man album

– William Kaede