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Why do I want to be a Jensari? How will it benefit me? To answer such questions as these, you need to answer the ones you have in your life already. Who are you? Who do you want to be? If you can’t answer them, then we will do our best to help you. About the Jensari, you should by now know what it is, that should be the reason why you are reading this. The Jensari is not a game you can play about with and discard whenever you like it is life especially your life. You must understand that we’re are not a club, we’re a band of brothers, pack of wolves, a family who will defend our own. We may not be unique and our techniques may have faults, but we will still achieve our goals and live life to how we want to and not conform to what we are allowed. But don’t think that by being in this society you won’t have to be doing anything at all about it. Everyone will have to give their all for the Jensari, you cannot be in this half arsed!! In this life you can only rely on yourself, but with a family there will always be help if you have earned it.

– Noel Vock