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* This is a sample of my unreleased holocron. *

This is an in-depth guide on applying deception to advance status or gain success.
I will be providing examples that stem from my work.
While keeping in mind that my career may be different than your own,
These insights are broad and flexible;
Connect the dots and figure out how this lecture may or may not apply to yours.
I won’t specifically aim this lecture at musicians, artists, or writers,
But the examples I provide will most likely reflect my own interests,
and they may or may not work for you.
End of disclaimer.


The definition of success differs from person to person.
In this lecture, success is defined as advancement in one’s career.
Now, it’s one thing to get a raise or two,
It’s another to become a poster boy.
One can work hard, stay honest, and remain consistent and efficient,
and one may or may not succeed and advance.
Me, I’m a professional song writer.
This means I write music for bands that either can’t or don’t want to.
In my line of work, talent, honesty and a strong work ethic will NOT equal success.
One must stand above the rest in order to advance.
It’s cutthroat out there,
and I don’t like losing.
So, I have applied my work here at the order to my job,
and I have seen results.

First, this there is something I must stress.
You want to stand out?
Do the exact opposite of what people say you can do.
Fuck the experts and their tired statistics and overused and outdated business plans.
Take an idea that already exists, and look at the rules that apply to it.
Some of those rules indicate what works and what doesn’t,
but some indicate phobias and taboos.
Now, jump in in front of everyone.
The lesson is simple enough.
Make a name for yourself, or somebody else will make a name for you.
Keep in mind, honesty is not the best policy.
It is the slowest method available in a dog-eat-dog world.
Deception is a powerful tool for those who know how to use it.

Make a name for yourself – by making the world think they are naming you.
The world is filled with suckers just waiting to buy the next brand,
And all of them want to feel like they have control.
They love to think that they created the elite few.
How do you win over the masses?
With purpose.
With a righteous cause.
So many success stories begin and end with a cause that inspired people to follow.
It all begins with the simple act of breaking the rules.
This is one key thing that makes all the difference in the world.
Break the rules in order to get caught,
So that people will join your cause.
You see, when people feel like their freedom is being taken away, 
they want a revolution.
But it’s all about the target audience. 
Figure out what rule or rules that you feel your target audience may not agree with.
Now, it’s easy enough to do this,
but justifying why this rule should not exist relies on how well you can make a point.
Anything can seem deep if you use a little charisma,
coupled with a strong knowledge of language.
Now, think hard about why this rule may be regarded as unfair.
Not just unfair to you, but to everyone.
Can you make a strong argument?
Now, break the rule in front of everyone,
and make a big noise.
Here at the order, the use of “we” is discouraged.
Throw that out the window.
The sheep like to feel like they are apart of something big.
Involve everyone.
Cry out, “Hell no, we won’t go!!”
Now you have a cause,
and a revolution will begin.
But don’t become boring; people have short attention spans.

The best way to keep it interesting?
Create a belief or ideal out of bullshit; this is effective,
Because fiction is always more fun!
But don’t let it be known that you are the hand that planted the seed.
Give people the idea that they were already aware of the idea.
All you want to be is the expert.
This ideal supports your cause,
and your cause will be thought of as something based in the objective.
Therefore, the ideal is best if thought of as a pre-existing ideal.
One of the easiest ways to do this is by claiming a role model to surpass.
This doesn’t mean they are actually your role model,
but people like to dip their toes in the unknown only if they are still safely
surrounded by the familiar.
The reason why you want this model is this aspect of the familiar.
People are likely to believe you will succeed if you provide an example 
of a previous success story.
(This falls in line with my previous point of being the expert, not the creator.
If you claim to invent something, people will point out why you aren’t,
claim a role model, or you may be assigned one. 
Then people will probably say you stole their idea.)

Controversy sells,
So don’t be afraid to piss someone off, including the alleged role model.
There must be subtlety, so don’t be too obvious, or you may piss off your audience.
You want to be just different enough to catch the eye.
This isn’t a balancing act.
Fuck balance.
Balance is for ballerinas.
Strengthen the ALIGNMENT.
Your plan must be properly aligned with your goal.
Now that people are listening to you,
Show them what you can do.
Be the leading authority on your own awesomeness,
and inform everyone why they need what you alone can give.
Welcome to the elite few.
Don’t screw up.