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From fury, refined and harnessed, comes a hate that is unabashed and change-loving, hurtling forwards, moving ever onwards due to the greater awareness that hate brings. The greatest cycle that the individual may enter, the one that brings with it the most growth to the soul and the body, the one that creates the most beauty to the outer and inner world is not one of blind love but one of discontent hatred followed with a period of cherishing and enjoyment of that which you have created, followed again with discontent hatred. Through hate comes strength, bled from progressive movement and gained by an analytically calm appliance of the self to the outside world. The more hatred you harness, and the more you sharpen yourself, the more change you will be able to enact as the deeper into the Dark you dive—the higher your soul will fly with ever greater wings.
Yet we came from the mud of the earth and either grew a spirit or caught one. As such we are limited, in innumerable ways, to what we are accordingly with what we have been. In the same way that primitive life is blind and deaf and dumb when compared with us, so too are we when compared with that which may come. We are Spirits of Darkness trapped in a prison of flesh, and even though it is that same prison that gave us life, even though we may only be free in the Darkness of our confinement, the prison is a thing that we must attempt to transcend.
When in the seeker’s soul the hunger grows, stemming from hatred and with it an understanding that the preachers of love, while meaning well, have been deceived, the seeker must reach outwards beyond the shadows cast by the Light to stand, waveringly at first, at the precipice, on the ledge that overlooks the abyss.
When at last the seeker is ready with a sharpened will, when his soul has been prepared and is ready to begin the descent, not for the glory of the gods but for the strengthening of itself, when the seeker has realized that mankind searches for God not to praise him but because we praise ourselves, then do the wanderings begin.
Only through the journey itself, only through the experience of the wandering spirit through and further into the spiritual morass, may the Darkness that is the individual’s soul grow. For the abyss is eternal and in everything and it is every thing. Then when the critical level has been surpassed, and the spirit has forged itself using stronger stuff then the knowing, one is born giving further impetus to the forging process, allowing the spirit to sprout newer and greater wings, again and again with which it may glide ever more through the length and the breadth and the depths of the infernal swamp of Darkness that encompasses all things, creating, calling, herding to themselves greater powers and thereby strengthening the Dark Spirit itself.
– Moor