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Voiced by Amazon Polly

Since the days, of what has come to be known as the “first dynasty”, there has not been as much attention on the lectures and lore of old as displayed today. Throughout the years of the following dynasties, the subject and wisdom of the dark side teachings have been discussed, disputed and weighed, weakening and dissecting their original meaning and power, until only an abstract belief in their proverbial and sentiment value remained.
Ancient are the days when those devoted to the studies of the dark side sought to unlock the key to absolute power: prepared to challenge their destiny and mindfully wander on the warrior path of their ancestors. To defy the flesh, the mortality within them and without fear seek out the darkness and merge with its eternal essence.
Throughout the dynasties there have always been those who felt compelled to study and maintain the old ways. Those who knew of their inherit value and truth and would not bend their knee to the propaganda of others, whose only intention was to strengthen their own position by attempting to destroy a past and power that contained more depth, knowledge and glory than they could ever hope to accumulate.
It is in the recent months that message has reached me, of the return of the old ways, of the desire to discover in the relicts of old, the knowledge and power buried beneath the deceit and envy of lesser kings. To uncover the true secret and origin of the teachings of the first dynasty. To experience the full apprenticeship of the ancient source of power and use the knowledge presented to prevail.
I have travelled to the roots and origin of our lore. I have wandered the path of old, forgotten even to those who once possessed renown as great masters in the arts, to seek the highest lord of darkness and request his service in spreading the lore once again, for the time has come. I found the man among the shadows, the master who was my master when I was but a glimmer of curiosity to the workings and ways of the universe. There, among the deepest secrets of darkness, I found the forgotten king.
“Those shall come forth who seek to wander the path.
Those shall come forth who are prepared to forsake their humanity in search of ultimate power and found by those who are chosen among the powers that are.
Those shall come forth who are tired of words and images, of lies and entrapments, who wish to break their chains and unleash the potential within them, claiming with their sword the mark of destiny upon their path and existence for all to acknowledge and fear.
Bring them to me and I shall share all. For the time of our awakening has come.”
Listen to the song of power and knowledge as taught to the worthy who have wandered the path for generations.
Experience the change they shall invoke, prove yourselves worthy of the calling of destiny and above all, serve the dark side and all you hope for shall come true.
This was my promise to all when I left these halls so many years ago. And today, I return to deliver.
Behold the first of his teachings to you. Speak the words you find written here. Speak and live them. Be courageous, and the world shall be yours.
“Shadows stretch across the world, as it turns its face away from the warming rays of the sun. Flames rain from the comets passing through the divine creation of the universe. The forces of light begin to leave our world as their end draws near, to sleep until once again woken by the powers of creation. The others emerge from the twilight, from amongst the shadows come forth the lords of darkness, to acquire what is destined to become theirs. They emerge to feed on the dreams of the living, to listen to the passion of desire and to reply to the echo of serenity in the core of each lonely soul.
It is a night as any other, as you look up to the dark sky above. The stars glow with an inner radiance, as they shine down upon you. Eternal beings, they seem to smile upon your existence, in knowledge of what has been written for you. What is to come, to befall or be bestowed upon you, for greatness or tragic in deed, until your time has ended and you are allowed to pass the gates to the immortal world. Whence you are liberated of the chains of your torment, the limitations of mortality which you perceive and which ensnare you, penetrating your being, harming your senses, forcing you slowly to your knees in self-denial. You have seen the sun rise and set so many times, while speaking with friends who do not hear you, while gazing at a loved one who can not see you, while tasting the wine to dull your senses, while hearing the ever repeating cycle of social intrigue, but denying your ear its shallow points. You have felt your tears well up in shame, in shame for your weakness, your self-pity, for your fear and your doubt. You have begged, more than once for peace and serenity. What were you not willing to give in return? You offered your pride, your belief, the ideas dear to you, your personality, your senses. To be as quiet as those around you, was that not your wish? And thus the tears welled-up once more, in shame, as you distinguished the cold grasp of self-betrayal and raised your head in defiance, for the elements to heed your plead, to take what they ask, to do as they may, if only they would end your torment. If only they would give you peace. If only they would end your solitude. For this is the true nature of your pain, the inability of others to share your path, to bring you true comfort, to dry those tears and provide you with confidence of the true beauty of your existence. To smile and share, to touch and hold you close to them, to show you the stars and what lay beyond and lead you in strength to that which is meant for you to experience. Not in self-doubt of being the outcast you perceive yourself to be, but in reassurance of your value before all others and the perception of the gods.
You are not one of the lost to the embrace and respect of mankind, but in solitude for the limitations of their comprehension and thus the respect they offer you. Yet in this they fail to serve you, as you are not of their nature and not of their path, but something greater, marked by an implication of divine purpose bestowed upon your future: A timeless enchantment spoken once upon your crib, with only the elements to witness your god-fathering. As you were made kin to their kind and sung to sleep with the soft and promising melody of the Great Song. Dreams of your becoming, of your past and future touched your brow. And a first and sincere sigh passed those innocent lips, with understanding and self love, in knowledge and power of the true beauty of your existence. In tranquility of what must come before you may return to the serenity of your heart, what battles must be fought, what sacrifices must be made, what tears must be shed. And you smiled, a hopeful smile, to your future self, to comfort your tears, when you would look up to the night sky one day, carrying a silent cry of mercy on those once innocent lips.
Weighing these thoughts in your mind you stand up, hearing something in the distance: A tune, a soft melody accompanying the night’s wind, calling softly to you, carrying your name on its wings and bringing you hope that what you seek can be found. The hope that all you feared to be right may indeed be wrong; That all you feared to be undeniable held in fact no bearing; That you were not one of the weak, but truly of the strong. And that if that truth was there to be found, you would find it, if you follow your instinct at heart. If you only listened to the voice within, and gave your own existence the chance to prove its meaning, you could meet with that for which you have longed for all of your life. And this you recognize to carry a grain of truth, for you have followed that voice since the first time of its calling, guiding you throughout your search of words both spoken and written, of pictures seen and images felt. And you have felt the silent warmth of recognition for your course of action. In the past you have met with hints to your existence, although never encountering the entire truth, you have come to commit to the value of your search and thus belief has developed for its meaning and purpose. Trust has even entered your heart that you will in fact, one day, perhaps when you least expect it, meet with the gates to your own inner sanctum, that will allow you passage and provide you with vision and understanding. The land of balance shall touch your injured heart and bring healing to your mind and soul. And then all shall be well. Not merely for the duration of this life, but from then onward.
You do not know why, but it feels to be the truth and thus you continue your search in anticipation and glee. It has lead you passed so many deep thoughts and enchanting theories, passed books of old and new, throughout the uncharted lands of the internet, where all thoughts come together and become alive in the realms of creativity and serenity, for no man to control but for all to share, the seeds of our awakening and transcendence, the inspiration of our dreams and age, the soul of mankind and its future. And it has lead you, here. To these words and phrases, to these paragraphs and hymns. And in the melody of these words you hear something distant and familiar. Something you once heard long ago and something you have been searching for to hear once again ever since.
Thus if you will, so take my hand and let me lead you. Not to the end of all lands and their borders, but through the realm of my existence, passed the hills of my dreams and into the valley of what I have learned during the ventures of my time, to share and perhaps inspire you and by doing that, achieve the largest reward one can achieve on any given path. Allow me to enchant you with a tale: About magic and the afterlife, about spirits and our world, about the past and the future of those brethren set on a path not unlike yours: the kinship of witches.
In the beginning, the powers that are, converged and gave life to the universe. First a sound, announcing the power of life that was called, to bring forth all that is into existence. The sound was followed by a second sound and soon a first melody was composed. The beginning of a Great Song entrenched the void in absence of divinity. It poured across the heavens enriching the very substance of the universe. Life in a magnitude of form and shape was bestowed in the womb of the dark skies. And a first pattern was woven, bringing structure to the origin of chaos. A second melody came into existence as the Great Song grew ever in complexity. Out of the vortex of origin, the concept of time was woven into the pattern of existence. And with the definition of the beginning, the end was brought into being. Death was born from the womb of life but destined to remain its nemesis for all time. The melody began anew, each chord growing in complexity and beauty with each cycle, fulfilled on the wings of time. The gift of life to the universe bore the offspring of a first sentience. Intelligence and consciousness was bestowed upon the first subjects of the Great Song. They raised their heads in understanding and echoed the melodies of the Great Song. As they transcended in harmony, absorbing the knowledge and power, granted through recognition and understanding of the patterns of the universe, they evolved and shed their mortal coil allowing their souls to dive into the depths of the great origin. They became masters of the patterns they studied and absorbed its divinity into their own substance. Their consciousness expanded as their intelligence poured over the patterns that were. Their intuition excelled, as it bond to the very soul of the universe, bestowed upon all living beings and was purified of the miscomprehension and limitation of mortality. They became the first entities and parents to thousands of new forms of life and destruction.
Matter exploded flooding the heavens with light, granting fertility to lesser beings and further enhancing the magnitude of life in our universe. They were the masters and reflected the melodies of the Great Song they had absorbed. Their power was great but limited as yet even the immortal were bound by the age of their consciousness. They could only embrace individual melodies of the Great Song, but not it’s whole. Even the oldest of those who came into existence never surpassed reflecting only one half of the scale of balance. The life-giving, protecting aspect of the universe, shedding pattern and order throughout its creation protruded to become the first major aspect of the universe, to become the eldest and first of its melodies. The song of death, the destructive balance of all powers that brought life, by bringing chaos where order once stood and thus allowing the cycle of death and rebirth to be fulfilled and interwoven in the essence of the universe became the second aspect of the universe and was followed by those strong in the essence of darkness. The universe had developed the two scales of balance. And as in the nature of scales, while each balanced the other, each was deemed an opposite and thus a limitation to the possibilities of self development.
The first entities spread across the universe, a silent fortitude passing their consciousness and their desire to dominate all life, emerging eternal. War had come into existence, the war of eternity, the war for existence itself. The entities gave birth to countless worlds, fields of conflict on which they sought their victories. Pantheons were founded and raged for eons, each struggling for dominance over what had once been their creation. The lesser races, created as the prize and legions of their embarkment were born into dependence. Their lives were limited, as was their ability to hear the Great Song and transcend as their ancestors had before them. They required the gift of light to uphold their existence and required the bearings of darkness to devise the tools of their conquest. And thus the forces met in battle and peace, to meet their destinies and follow those of the Chosen who spoke to the gods.
The entities of life stretched across the heavens, the charm of its skin bearing the stars of our night’s sky. The entities of fire raced across the heavens, shedding light by the fire of their glory upon the future world. The entities of air and water, altered the currents to bring balance throughout time and stability for the lesser race to be. The entities of earth stretched forth their hand and created the world in darkness. Their great eye was to be seen in the night sky as they wove the pattern of the Great Song into the mortal spawn of the gods. The entities of death bore witness to the birth of man and were to be its end. They vowed to reign as the protector of secrets and together with the brethren of life, act as the guardian of the gate to the immortal world.
Humanity was born, a gift to the forces of the lesser races, to serve as further tools in the reign of the Great War. Light and Darkness spoke to the newly born and granted the Chosen with the mark of the gifted. They watched over those bearing the gift to hear the Great Song, in the echo of their minds and their second hearts. The Old Ones were born to our world as the guardians of the Great War and the Realms were created to grant passage to the beings that would once travel the stars. For those liberated of the cycle of life and death by the hands of the two guardians required guidance on their further path through the realm of the immortal: To find their brethren between the stars and merge their essence with the melody of the Great Song.
It was foreseen that simple melodies of the Great Song could be heard despite the limitations of mortality by those chosen among man. And thus two gifts were bestowed upon mankind: One to hear the song in the echo of the mind and one to experience the echo in the second heart. The first came to be known as magicians and wizards, for they grew in power through their logical understanding of the patterns within the melodies of the Great Song and their ability to restructure the sequence of individual notes. The second came to be known as witches, for they grew in power through their emotional understanding of the soul of the melodies within the Great Song and their ability to sway the sentient motion within the melodic tunes.
The Chosen walked the lands and brought light and darkness to the members of their kind. They became the wise and the warriors, great kings and magic users, weaving the patterns of destiny and rising as the masters of mankind. They were the priests, who spoke to the gods and who were the instruments of their will. They were the scribes of the Great Song, rediscovering the secrets init to the universal consciousness. And they were the protectors of divine balance, the servants and lords, the guardians of the lands.
As the eons passed, the legacy of the first of the Chosen became watered with the temptations of rulership and wealth. Where once absolute reign through mastery of the arts and the will of the Great Song was perceived, decadence and mortal injustice marked society. The race of mortals developed in their jealousy and courage to defy their rulers and the initial purge of the natural order was born. The Chosen who had lost their path were usurped in blood and fire. Mortality claimed its superiority and defied the shackles of their imprisonment. The Great Song was proclaimed a lie and the roots of divinity that manifested in the souls of the Chosen were denied. The Chosen were slain by the thousands, hunted for fear of their powers and for envy of their knowledge. And our brethren were forced into hiding to all but escape their total annihilation. The race of mortals proclaimed the thrones of the great civilizations and commenced their dangerous rule oblivious of the unforgiving agenda of the entities that are. Without the Chosen to guide and protect human kind from the direct influence of the entities, the newly proclaimed kings were quickly embedded in greed and hatred and fear of their neighboring kingdoms. The second age of war dominated our world, as the pawns fought without their getnerals, blindly slashing at the throats of their brothers. Yet the Chosen had survived and slowly reconciled their presence and power, in their exile at the edge of society.
Yet given time and patience, the decadent among the Chosen had been liberated of their delusions and in part of their lives. A new generation of the Chosen emerged and plotted in secret to reenter the stage of politics and war. A pact was formed to evolve once again as the rulers of mankind. Yet their rule would need to remain a secret one, to pacify humanity and to protect themselves from repeating the decadent and unjust rule of their forefathers. They would solely strive to become the advisors of kings and the priests of mankind, to ensure balance within the world and give humanity time to evolve and become a true race of the Chosen. Where not only the few guarded the secrets important to the many, but where all are taught to hear the melodies of the Great Song and are bestowed with the gift to serve the entities willingly and evolve their own existence along the path of the Song.
The Chosen contained their motives and soured steadily once again to the peak of human society. They embarked on the trail of humankind’s need for spiritual enlightenment, speaking in the name of the entities once more. The kings of the lands acknowledged their wisdom and accepted them as the caste of priests, druids, magicians and medics. And thus they aimed to restore balance once more: One caste to rule the lands; one caste to understand the divinity of the natural order; one caste to serve as the peasants of their rule. Such was the social order of the time and such was the balance re-bestowed upon earth. And time was won against the destiny the entities had written for the lesser race of mankind. The caste of the Chosen, formed their society: They governed their councils, they documented the ways of their beliefs and workings, they chose their children among the children of mankind. For those who were born with a gift, should be indoctrinated and taught their ways. They were to become the apprentices of the masters of the Great Song and join the covens of their society. They were to be liberated by the destiny mankind would bestow upon them and traverse the true path of the Great Song. The caste of the Chosen became affiliated with the arts of mundane science. They progressed and developed mathematics, astronomy, medicine, music and arts. They created the first alphabets and numerical systems to document lore and history, and to establish trade and commerce. They brought the light and shared their education with the children of the Chosen and the kings and reigning lords of the lands. Yet again, the jealousy of human kind was stirred. The caste of peasants, serving the lords of war and spirit grew envious of the mundane power the Chosen had acquired. They slowly shed their eyes from the truth proclaiming themselves equal by right of birth. Not the connection with the divine gave the Chosen power, but the education they were given was the true secret they held dear. Any man was able to do equal if given the chance that the Chosen denied the majority of mankind. Any man raised by the Chosen could do as the Chosen do and know as the Chosen know. It was these lies and delusions that the entities sowed among the lesser race, to break the peace the Chosen were striving for and deny the delay in the implementation of their plans. Humanity was to stay the lesser race it was and serve as armies under the rule of the Chosen. And the entities would evolve as war raged upon earth, as they would study and absorb the reflected image of the Great Song within it.
The Chosen knew of the change within the caste of peasants and foresaw that their time was again at an end. Great councils were held within the societies of the Chosen and the brethren disputed the direction of their future path. Some among the Chosen, desired to maintain their pledge and continue to protect the lesser race, from the shadows, as they had done once before. Their time would come again and they would remain the guardians of mankind. Others among the Chosen grew restless and impatient with the ongoing demonstration of mortal stupidity. They were the Chosen, bred as the rulers of the lesser race. They had once bowed down before and given humanity its chance to prove its merit. Destiny may hold within the path of rebirth the key to the Great Song for each soul in our world, but they were not willing to hold back over the eons and wait for their weaker brethren to evolve. Their time was now. For had they not been born with the gift? Had they not been given the chance to explore their power and further the brethren of the Chosen? Was it not they who controlled the elements and spoke to the entities, floating in the mist of the Great Song? They were the warriors of destiny and they would stand down no longer. In this night, the society of the brethren of the Chosen broke in two. The words had been spoken and the course had been set. The brethren parted to walk their own paths.
It was not long before the first mortals laid hand upon the brethren of the Chosen. Their jealousy had driven them to take arms against the priests and evoke their downfall. The guardians closed their eyes as the caste of peasants slaughtered their ilk and drove them back to the shadows hence they came from. Yet the warriors stood tall and fought the caste of peasants with all of their power, their malice and their hate. The caste of peasants cried under the force of destruction they had called upon themselves and the kings sent their lords and armies to protect the wary sheep. The armies of lords and the Chosen clashed in mighty battles. The warriors of the Chosen called upon the entities of darkness and invoked the deepest of guarded magic and sorcery. They called forth the spirit of the Great Song and pledged their fealty to the melody of darkness and destruction: to forever wander on the path of power and do as they can to unfold the planned course of destiny for the lesser race of our world. They swore fealty to the strongest of entities. The abolisher of Life and caregiver of Death, the father of darkness: the Horned One. The elements screamed as the hurled their anger at the oncoming forces. Little was left of the armies of men as the spirits left the skies, having seen what was to be known. From this day on, the caste of peasants wove stories of the fearsome evil and treachery the caste of the Chosen had brought upon them. The warriors of the Chosen were no longer kept in the stories of man as the guardians and protectors of the land. From this day on, they were made legend as the dark forces of witchery.
The witches of the southern lands, gathered after their great battle and reformed the coven of their ancestors: To act as a stronghold of their kind, to raise their children in silence and breed them for the war to come. The coven would be their greatest secret and their source of deepest knowledge: For none to desegregate yet for all to serve, until the stars have met the pattern of the sixth world when the Coven shall be opened to all. And that equation is imminent, to manifest in the beginning of the twenty-first century Anno Domini.”
– Moor