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Category: Draconis

The Flowers of Evil

Interview With A Dark Side Devotee What are “The Flowers of Evil”? Every word, every action, every post… these are all flowers. You could tamper with that meaning and apply it to the number of things said in a single...

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Leading the Followers

There are plenty of options for someone in a position of leadership. Some involve being a crutch. Others involve showing how to act without a crutch. And still more dimensions of the process call for nurturing a desire to be...

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Nihilistic Spirals

The Empty. The Void. Hollowness. You can call it whatever you like. A state of nihilism, wherein nothing seems to matter. A true sense of it is always accompanied by despair, in some form. At surface level, this state seems...

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The Honesty of Darkness

The death of a star – falling in upon itself – takes place in those of strength; those to weak are consumed. This is the beginning of insatiable hunger, ambitions, wants, passion; and it is the end of contentment,...

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Musings of a Darksider

Volume I: Fragments & Musings This volume is a collection of fragmented musings, some appearing more wholesome than others. In a way, the texts presented here showcase my ethereal scars, putting many of them on display,...

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Dark Teachings: Inherently Flawed

Let us entertain the possibility that there are flaws in the teachings of any given darksider. Do these lead to the failures of students over the years? Of course. But it raises the question of whether the origin of these...

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The Students Approach

A Method Of Discovering & Strengthening Oneself The people that find their way to the Force Academy and make the choice to embrace their resonance with darkness fulfill the role of a student. Regardless of solitary...

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Joining & Training

Joining doesn’t require much participation, if any at all. It isn’t mandated that you take advantage of the training, advice, or other resources offered. We don’t demand that you conform to any one of our beliefs or teachings....

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The Institution

An Apparatus For Dark Adepts One of three long-standing aspects of the Force Academy, the Dark Aspect has been an integral part of the community since its inception. Founded in 1998, the FA is one of the first and oldest Force...

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The Holocron Meditation

For this meditation, sit where you like, in a position you are comfortable with, and close your eyes. Within you there is a sanctuary, a place of contemplation. Think of one or more questions, and envision yourself walking...

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