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Category: Khaos

Life of a Star

(I prefer to do this meditation outside at night, you can do it inside though as well. However I have a hard time in general with seated meditation and if doing so, do not like to have walls around me. Do as you prefer.)...

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Carpe Diem

The Dark Aspect has never been short on lectures. Indeed, we’re a volatile breed with alot of shit to say. In fact it’s one of our defining traits. Go to the F.A.’s wiki under the Dark lectures and you will see...

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Tea Meditation

I am an avid tea drinker, I love many different kinds of tea(straight green tea being my personal favorite). Every morining, after my run, and breathing exercises, I have a cup of tea and just sit, contemplating nothing, doing...

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Responsibilities, and a Vision

Let us talk of responsibility…..As it has come to pass, I have become the newest head of the Dark aspect. Whether or not you support this is irrelevent to its reality and I personally couldn’t care less whether you...

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Emotion and the Will

“Anger is a living thing, feed it and it will grow” -Darth Sidious Indeed truer words were never spoken, however I would state that any emotion is a living thing, negative, or positive. Feed any of them and they will...

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The Room

You are in a room, you have known this room your whole life. It is well lit, and well defined, it almost so bright as to be uncomfortable to your eyes. You know every detail to its four walls, and though you may have reshaped it...

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