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Category: Kronos

Prestige & Progression

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably asking yourself how you can stand out advance here at the Order. It’s actually very simple, we operate on the principe of prestige. Prestige is a concept I’ve...

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Sith Ranks

The structure of our Order is simple; everyone is split into one of two categories – there are the Sith, and there is everyone else. Masses This is everyone who is not Sith,  who have shown no potential to being Sith, or...

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Two-Tier System

We have one tenet to live by here; Earn your place. Make no mistake, you are not Sith – not yet. You can be a member here, active 24/7 and a contributor, and still not Sith. To even earn the title of Sith here will take...

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Moor’s Meditation

INTRO BY KRONOS Most truth, I’ve found, is simple. Moor had a tendency to write eloquent prose to try and convince, and obscure, the truth of his actual message – which makes it difficult to practice for the novice. This...

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