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Category: The New Sith Order

Death and the Afterlife

Death, and the possibility of the afterlife are topics that have fascinated mankind for as long as our historical records go back, and probably much further back than that. So then, what happens when we die? Is there something...

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The Page and its Symbolism

I thought that it would be good to explain a little about the site and the meaning behind a few things that haven’t been explained yet, because the design of the site is not without purpose. This message is meant to explain four...

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Unity in The Force

Everything that exists exists within The Force.  There is nothing outside of The Force, for The Force makes up all things that are.  This idea is one that must be understood thoroughly, because to understand the Sith ideology,...

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Sith Spirtuality

For centuries human beings have reported having powerful spiritual experiences. These experiences can be incredibly profound, powerful, moving, and life altering. However, we may notice that people of all different faiths and...

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The Sith Ideology

Within the history of philosophy, we find that we, as a species, have the capacity for, and indeed, perhaps even a propensity towards, producing a wide multitude of ideas which can, and often do, vary greatly from one another....

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