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This a collection of all the individual works by the teachers within the Sith Realism Community. All these individuals had widely different approaches, and so lectures and Holocrons may conflict.



A follower of witchcraft, Moor founded the Dark Aspect at the Force Academy in the late nineties. Moor suggested a largely metaphysical Dark Side including skills and Force powers. His ideas revolve around strength of mind to manifest the Dark emotions. He preaches an age old theory of Darkness, a deeply mystical Dark Side. It leads the way into the idea of examining the self and understanding the emotions of the self.


Satelle was the second Head of the Dark Aspect, and founder of the Fatum Operandi. For Satelle, self-understanding is broken down into more levels than just spirituality by looking at the self as a whole—physical, mental, emotional, and how these fit together as well as external influences on the self among others. Efficiency and pragmatism come into the scope: reflection, analysis and improvement.


Irvine was the third Head of the Dark Aspect. Irvine’s teachings were provocative – based entirely around the self. Dark aspects are seen as unique, and emphasis is placed upon conflict among others as the means of destroying weakness in one’s understanding and opinion, and from the ashes constructing something closer to the truth, better and stronger.

Noel Vock

Noel Vock was the leader of the Fourth Dynasty of the Force Academy. Vock believes that humans are at their peak when they work together, and the idea of your pack helping you achieve your inner understanding. He teaches team work, self-preservation, self-improvement, and taking into account both the physical and the mundane.


Kiss was the leader of the Fifth Dynasty of the Force Academy. After ousting Irvine with Vock’s help, Vock handed the Dark Aspect over to Kiss.  Kiss tried to integrate the beliefs of the previous four dynasties into one, with varying degrees of success. Kiss followed a similar path to Moor, seeing the Sith as a meta-physical coating for a deeper tradition.


Khaos has been part of the force community since it’s foundation, and was the leader of the Sixth Dynasty.  During the First Interregnum after working with Irvine, Khaos stepped forward unopposed to become the Head of the Dark Aspect. Khaos’ lives by the mantra of “forge yourself” – he put little stock in the metaphysical or written works of his predecessors, but instead put his effort into achieving here – this moment – right now. He voluntarily resigned after two years.


Founder of the Order of the Sith, and leader of the Seventh Dynasty. Draconis’ reign was one of revitalisation – restructuring the Dark Aspect to incorporate self-learning and restructuring the curriculum. In many ways, Draconis helped stabilise the dark aspect after years of fragmentation. Draconis’ focus has generally been on what the Sith represent as agents of chaos and conflict, and his current explorations seek to blend the philosophy of Objectivism with the Sith Path.



Miles first joined the online Sith communities in 2008 and was Knighted in 2009. Drawing heavily on his years of experience in management and leadership, and his years of experience as an instructor of the German longsword and soccer coach, Miles envisioned a Sith Order that would produce successful and ambitious individuals, each a force to be reckoned with. He was made a Sith Lord in 2010.


A member of the Force Realist communities since 2005, Luciana joined the Order of the Sith in 2010, and was knighted as Miles’ apprentice in 2011. Luciana focused on developing a magical system inspired by Sith Sorcery, which grew to include Sith Alchemy. In 2017, she took control of the Order and now wears the title of “Dark Lady of the Sith”.


Atlas almost immediately acquired the attention of Prometheus Unbound when he joined the Force community in 2007, becoming his Apprentice. Later, Atlas would be involved with restructuring the Order of the Sith and being the Master of Draconis, although Atlas is best known for beginning the Sith Reformation, calling for all Sith to unite under a common framework.


An acolyte at the Order of the Sith, typically someone like Praxeus wouldn’t be mentioned – but he’s of slight interest to me, due to his obsessive focus on pain as being the driving motivator of all things. 


Necrom was Dark Lord of the Sith at the Order of the Sith, and part of the first Sith Trivium.

Prometheus Unbound

Prometheus Unbound was a Knight of the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy, trained by both Kiss and Moor. Knighted by Kiss in 2007, Unbound left his teachings in his Book of Vlad.

Seti I Shadim

After a dispute within the Dark Council at, Seti would go on to found the Sithist Cabal, a unique, close-knit community within Force Realism. Seti was also a Knight of the Dark Aspect at the Force Academy.

Darth Silus

Darth Silus toed the line between fiction and reality within his Force Realism community, the Sith Holocron. He would also later write The Grand Book of the Sith.

Darth Sanguinus

Darth Sanguinus founded The New Sith Order, a small community of Sith Realists that existed separately to the rest of the community.

Dirk Sith

Dirk Sith was Knight of the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy, after being knighted by Kiss in 2009. He also re-founded the Sithist Cabal after the original forum shut down.

Darth Draeth

Darth Draeth was a Knight of the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy, after being knighted by Khaos in 2010.


Stolas was a Lord of the Sith at the Order of the Sith, and perhaps the first to die as a Lord of the Sith.


Kronos is a Sith Apprentice  who joined the community in 2017, known mostly for his “Book of Sith”, the creation of the Sith Archive, and more recently, for founding the Knights of Sith.

Founders of Force Realism

Baal Legato (Profile)

One of the founders of Force Realism, and founder of the Jedi Academy. It should be noted that these lectures are works of fiction:

Gedi (Profile)

Founder of Jedi Lore. It should be noted that these lectures are works of fiction:

Kharis Nightflyer (Profile)

Founder of Jedi Praxeum. It should be noted that these lectures are works of fiction:

Relan Volum (Profile)

Co-Founder of the Jedi Council, and one of the founders of Force Realism. It should be noted that these lectures are works of fiction: